In my last blog post called “The Aquarium Shark” I spoke of how our comfort zone is our box within which we view the world and live. I want to expand upon this theme.

I have heard many people tell me that if the life they are living is supposed to be their “Comfort Zone” there is nothing comfortable about it.

Life can be quite uncomfortable and miserable within our boxes. As uncomfortable as life may be, it must be understood that we are playing the game of life following the rules we agreed to use. Rules to the game of life seem to line the inside boundaries of each of our boxes.

Once we understand how we keep getting what it is that we are getting, either comfortable or uncomfortable we can begin to take more control by opening up to redefining our rules.

For instance, a rule I have heard many people say that the word “Grace” from the Bible is defined as “Undeserved favor from Divine Source.” Remember that our rules define the boundaries of our box. So from this definition of grace we see the viewpoint that grace is a PASSIVE event like God “throwing us a bone every now and then.”

I was shocked the first time I realized that all of the reference books say that the true definition of the word “Grace” is that it is a ACTIVE utilization of Divine light and love!

The true definition of grace is, “The purposeful allowing and influence of Divine light and love working in and through your heart and its reflection in the world around you.”

Can you see how empowering this true definition can be in your expansion of your box?

Can you see also how limiting it can be if you have been living within your box thinking that grace is a passive thing?

I like to ask people who believe its passive “Does it kind of feel like God is stingy with his bones?”

Armed with the accurate definition of grace we can improve what it is that we are getting. As we ACTIVELY and PURPOSEFULLY send out Divine Light and Love from our hearts into the workplace, people, and events of our lives those rays of light and love bounce (reflection) off everyone and everything in our world and come back at us as what we would identify as FAVOR! Contrast this with praying earnestly for help and then wondering why help often doesn’t come, why you don’t get your bone.

We all must understand how we keep getting what we are getting in our Comfort Zone. Our boundaries of our boxes will not shift one inch until we really look at the rules we brought into it, consciously or subconsciously.

This is the value of going outside of your comfort zone. If we continue to seek answers from sources that also bought into the same rules, we will beat at the walls of our box to no avail. Sincerity is no guarantee of truth.

Question everything you think you know, especially those rules you feel you “definitely know!”