You don’t have to be a cardiologist, or have any healthcare training to be able to tell that the heart recording at the top of this series of phonocardiograms is completely messed up!

It might be surprising to know that all of these phonocardiograms were taken pre-and post treatment over the course of three consecutive days at the Biologix Center…not on an elderly person with years of heart disease, but on a high-level athlete at the collegiate level!

The first phonocardiogram at the top of the picture is completely arrhythmic, with irregular heart beats, as well as mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation, where the valves are not closing properly. The heart beat is weak and inefficient, which likely was contributing to the athlete’s inability to progress with the strength and endurance that would be expected from the many years of quality nutrition and the years of intense cardio and strength training.

The second phonocardiogram is the same day after about thirty minutes of targeted treatment with NeuroCardial Synchronization* (NCS). Already you can see that the taller spikes are more rhythmical and most of the extra beats are already gone. Amazingly, in just a matter of minutes, the heart valve regurgitation is gone. It is not a perfect heart beat yet, but definitely better, something no heart drug can achieve!

The third phonocardiogram is the next day before NCS treatment. Here we can see the residual positive effects of the natural treatments from the first treatment. If you look at the base line of this phonocardiogram you can see that the squiggly lines are smaller across the entire length of the reading. This is better than the day before. Even better is the baseline on the fourth reading and the heart sounds are very rhythmical.

The fifth phonocardiogram is the very next day…the third day of treatment. There is not much difference seen from the fourth reading, but there is dramatic improvement after that day’s NCS treatment. The dramatic improvement of the heart is irrefutable. The patient also reported feeling much better and felt no heart palpitations and anxiety since the first treatment. This last reading is still not an absolutely perfect reading, but if someone went to the doctor with this last reading as their initial reading, then the doctor would not even bother doing NCS…it’s that good!

The doctors at the Biologix Center have seen literally thousands of people who are chronically sick and profoundly fatigued, who take every great sounding nutritional supplement and follow every new fad treatment. Most of these people never realize that the heart must be working correctly in order to fully heal. Our doctors feel that many people do not stand a chance at truly healing, or in the case of an athlete, to perform at their optimum level, because of their heart being so scrambled like this person.

A doctor cannot help the body heal from what they don’t know is messed up. These problems can only be detected on a high-definition, digital phonocardiogram. These heart problems often cannot be seen on an ECG. As a matter of fact, an ECG cannot show the possibility of even an impending heart attack. An ECG can only show a problem if you have already had a heart attack. The person whose recordings are pictured above had passed a recent ECG with “flying colors” just weeks before at their medical doctor’s office.

You can pump up your immune system. You can detoxify your body. You can take bioidentical hormones. You can work out your muscles. All these things are great. You can do many great things for your body, but if your heart is scrambled, which can be the case even if you have no heart symptoms, you cannot be truly healthy. The heart is just that important.

Our doctors have only seen NeuroCardial Synchronization* be able to achieve such dramatic and lasting results. NCS is not about taking a drug forever, as in all mainstream pharmaceutical heart treatments. Once corrected at its cause, the improvements of NCS appear to last without having to take meds for years.

*NCS is an innovation developed by Dr. Jernigan at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health and therefore is not available anywhere else at this time. NCS is designed to help facilitate the restoration of the optimum, natural structure and function of the heart and brain coherence.

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