If you lined it up end to end, the average person has 744 million miles of DNA in their body! That is enough to reach to Jupiter and back!

As everyone knows, DNA contain our “genetic blueprint.” You need a blueprint to build the structure of the cell in the correct location. However, once the cell has been made, the DNA is not what controls the function of that cell.

It turns out, if you take the DNA out of a cell, the cell continues to function perfectly. Epigenetics is what actually controls the cell’s function on a moment by moment basis. Epigenetics is the organizing principle that functions more like a holographic (biophotonic) principle radiating out from the heart through laser-like emissions of information containing light (biophotons). (Energy Medicine; the Scientific Basis, Oschman)

It is our thoughts and perceptions of our life and the world around us that dynamically shift this holographic software that is being transmitted from our heart and radiated out to all that DNA in our body. It is the epigenetic holographic software that enables your body to adapt to changes in your moods, and environment virtually instantaneously.

It is fascinating that science is just now verifying what the Bible always said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) and the Bible also tells us, “Above all else, guard your heart with all diligence, for it determines the course of your life.” (Proverbs 4:23) Now we can understand the “why” behind the directive.

We have all seen holograms, those fascinating ghost-like, transparent, 3D images of objects or people. Many scientists believe we have a holographic blueprint that controls the actual function of each cell and coordinates the entire body, much like a holographic software program.

Remember, the DNA controls the building of the correct structure, so if there is a mutation in the DNA, then the blueprint will continue to cause dysfunctional cells. So even if the epigenetic, holographic software is working correctly, the dysfunctional cells will still cause problems, such as the Methylation and Detoxification problems seen in genetic SNP problems, such as MTHFR, and others.

From this we see that a person can have problems in both the genes of the DNA and the epigenetic aspects of the DNA. In computer terminology one is a hardware problem and the other is a software problem.

The epigenetic hologram can be seen radiating around an unfertilized egg and is in the shape of the adult. If one looks at an acorn, the epigenetic hologram is that of the adult oak tree. (Morphic Resonance, Rupert Sheldrake)

Our epigenetic hologram changes in response to our environment, our thoughts and emotions, and to damage to our body. Unlike humans, the epigenetic hologram of a salamander remains intact whenever it is damaged. So you can cut off the leg of a salamander and because the hologram that enables the rebuilding of the leg is still there, the leg will grow back. You can cut out an eyeball, 1/3 of the brain, and literally cut out half the heart of a salamander and it will just grow back perfectly without a scar…within eight hours! (Body Electric, Robert Becker)

Regenerative medicine has been a passion of mine for over 12 years. Ideally, regenerative medicine strives to achieve pristine, optimum health of the entire person, body, mind, and spirit. This is called “Coherence”. Restoring true coherence must be the goal, whether one is dealing with Lyme disease, cancer, or simply striving to reach one’s highest degree of health as a human.

The idea that one can simply inject stem cells into the body and they will dutifully go and build you a new liver or fix whatever you want, is largely a gamble. If the DNA blueprint is messed up, due to mutations, then the stem cells will build you the best structure with the same problems, because the blueprint AND the epigenetic holographic software problems are still not being addressed.

I believe that what often happens is that a person’s believing in the stem cell’s regenerative powers shifts that person’s epigenetic software enough to enable the stem cells to work their wondrous regeneration when and only when the DNA blueprint is not the ultimate source of the problems in the body.

So in the last three articles I have posted here one can see how illness is not going to be healed by only fixing the mutations on SNPs in your genetic blueprint, nor by simply shifting the epigenetic software. Healing requires that every issue that can be named as a problem, to be addressed (diagnosed and treated), whether the problem is from inside or outside of the body.