This article is an outline of a new, extremely comprehensive, and individualized plan of care specifically designed to hopefully achieve never before seen improvements for people with any of the varieties of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. As you will see from this article there are so many things that have gone wrong in your body that lead to whichever type of EDS you have been diagnosed. It can be quite overwhelming to the lay person, to see all of the details of the inner problems common to most EDS cases, however at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health all of these issues are tested and addressed using our precision real-time testing to determine which of these issues are happening to your unique situation. All tests and treatments are included inside our all-inclusive comprehensive programs of care.

In Summary:

The Plan In Greater Detail

  1. Facilitate the restoration of copper and iron utilization through identifying and eliminating interferences in the loading of copper onto the copper-transport molecule, ceruloplasmin.
  2. Correct metabolic pathways of copper-dependent enzymes, the deficiency of which directly leads to the symptoms of all forms of EDS.
  3. Facilitate the restoration of biophoton regulation of metabolic processes.
  4. Release global fascia restrictions.
  5. Eliminate accumulated environmental and endogenous toxins, such as toxic accumulations of iron in the tissues and glyphosate.
  6. Assess and facilitate the body’s correction of metabolic processes, such as Heme metabolism, and mast cell/histamine/proinflammatory issues.
  7. Optimize dietary issues, and gut microbiome imbalances..
  8. Eliminate EMF interference in genetic/epigenetic expression.
  9. Synchronize brain-heart co-regulation of biological processes and correct brain-wave patterns.
  10. Regenerate problem tissues using your own body’s stem cells.

Our Proposal for Treatment

This is not a promise of “cure,” but an opportunity to see what can be achieved with the many advancements that we can offer. It is because of these new discoveries and innovations over the years that I have decided to do a Quality of Life Outcome Case Review of people with EDS who come to the Biologix Center for Optimum Health for our 3-week, all-inclusive program of care. This program is designed to strive to provide you with lasting improvements through the maximum applied effort to enable your body to repair or improve your functional biochemistry and to improve your muscle and ligament tone, not to mention optimizing heart function. This program of care is very comprehensive. As many of you have experienced, treatment can be very minimalistic, and focused on just dealing with the “symptom of the day.” The all-inclusive package is designed to accomplish a few things:

  1. To enable the doctors to take the time they need to really dig deep into your case without rushing.
  2. To be able to strategically combine all the best treatments and therapies we can provide in a synergistic way to enable the greatest potential for deep healing. Patients are usually in the clinic for 4-6 hours a day, Monday through Friday for the 3-week program of care.
  3. To eliminate the fear of running up a huge bill for all the various treatments and therapies.
  4. The program is designed so that the treatments and therapies greatly exceed the package price, so that you receive our maximum applied effort, as opposed to the maximum that insurance will cover. (We do not take insurance as our services are not considered “usual and customary” by insurance companies due to the large amounts of time that doctors spend with patients in each visit.)

What Needs to Be Addressed

It should be obvious that EDS is a syndrome, a group of symptoms that occur together that are associated with a disease, most people I have met seem to feel EDS is purely a genetic problem and nothing can be done about it beyond managing the symptoms.

EDS is caused by a generational predispositions and acquired metabolic disturbances, the symptoms of which are unique based on the totality of systemic problems, more than, but not excluding the possibility of a genetic, and most definitely the epigenetic component which can be changed. That is the premise offered herein. Using our innovative in-house testing and range of treatment options the vast array of metabolic disturbances be successfully identified and addressed leading to long-term improvements, or possibly no more symptoms. Conventional blood tests will often not determine the presence of the issues involved in EDS.

EDS affects everyone differently, some just have a few mild symptoms, while others literally die from their symptoms. This tells us that given the most optimum functional biochemical and structural support the rapid decline in a person’s body could be dramatically improved and possibly stopped.

As it stands, very few doctors know anything more than to treat the pain and inflammation with high power prescriptions, and then send patients to physiotherapy…forever. We are not striving to help people with EDS because it is easy, but because of the profound suffering that we want to help relieve. The physiotherapy is often not possible for many people due to the extremely unstable nature of their joints, not to mention the fact that POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia) prevents many from simply standing up! Something must be done to advance the knowledge of how to stablize things.

It is obvious that someone needs to address the Zebra in the room, and go deeper than symptom suppression. That is why we have brought all the best treatment ideas under one roof to address the totality of everything that is going wrong, not just your symptoms.

What to Expect

Your healing journey at Biologix Center begins with board certified doctors of advanced Chiropractic Medicine all trained and certified in Biological Medicine, as well as board certified Medical Physicians that all work with the same treatment philosophy of only working with the natural medicines in an initial intensive, all-inclusive, one to three-week outpatient program where you will be in the clinic for almost 5 hours a day Monday through Friday each week. This intensive program is completely tailored to address most if not all of the following issues in this article based upon the needs of your unique body, in a maximum applied effort to rapidly stop the illness in its tracks.

If a complete restoration of health can be achieved it will likely require return visits after the initial 1-3 week program. You will need us to continue the work, make adjustments to the natural protocol of supportive remedies, and you will need your own stem cells to be refreshed via repeat I.V.’s over the course of weeks or months.

Your health insurance will not cover any of this program. If insurance covered it, your basic MD would likely be offering you aspects of these treatments if they knew how. We know out of pocket pay will make it difficult or impossible for many people to receive this care. While we cannot fix everyone’s financial distress, we have done all we can to help through providing the possibility of zero interest loans, and we have a foundation that can provide partial scholarships. This is the most comprehensive program available, with over 10 hours of doctor treatments and 40 or more hours of in-house supporting therapies, and all of it is covered in our all-inclusive program.

You have a choice. You can take the pharmaceuticals from your mainstream doctor and watch your body gradually decline, or you can actively work with us to restore health to your entire body. In the same way as you must work out in a gym for a long time before you can see bigger muscles, if you are late in your illness progression it may take some time to see any possible improvements. If you have just been diagnosed and you are not yet severely compromised, then more rapid results are possible.

What Exactly is Going Wrong in the Body of Someone with EDS?

All of the following must be assessed and addressed as needed within the 3-week program.

Keep in mind, the following are not necessarily all of the issues that will need to be addressed, or in the order of treatment strategy that our doctors will employ from your first treatment to the last of treatment of your package. My response to those who may oppose the science behind the following issues that we desire to address is to ask, how is it working for you to continue simply manage the symptoms?

  • Although not the only issue needed to be addressed, it is important to balance the ratio of copper to iron in the muscles, ligaments, and organs. Copper and iron in EDS reach toxic overload due to the inactive ceruloplasmin. Without activated ceruloplasmin the regulation of iron and copper gets out of control, leading to huge problems that have to date gone largely unrecognized and unaddressed in EDS cases. Each ceruloplasmin molecule carries six atoms of copper into the body so that the body can manufacture all of the key copper-dependent enzymes that are deficient in EDS, such as:
    • Ferroxidase: a deficiency of this causes the tissues of the brain, muscles, and organs to overload with iron oxide to toxic levels causing all manner of problems. The overload of the tissues with this toxic form of iron is present in all EDS and is a major issue.
    • Lysyl Oxidate: an enzyme manufactured in the body from Lysine and hydroxylysine which that requires copper donated from ceruloplasmin in order to make healthy collagen through the cross-linking of collagen and elastin, the key problem areas in EDS. Removal or depletion of copper from the preparations of lysyl oxidase results in the loss of enzyme activity as does the exposure of the enzyme to copper chelating agents. Therefore, copper-deficient nutrition leads to a reduction of cross-linking of elastin and collagen and thus to faulty connective tissue formation.
    • Cytochrome C Oxidase: this copper-enzyme deficiency causes decreased energy in the muscles, neurons, and ultimately can cause demyelination of the nerves. So you can see that working out in physiotherapy is often a diminishing return since you need this enzyme to make exercise muscle gains.
    • Ascorbate Oxidase: a deficiency causes demineralization of the bones.
    • Dopamine-beta-Hydroxylase: deficiency causes reduced production of neurotransmitters and catecholamines, causing neurologic effects, temperature regulation problems, and vision problems.
    • Diamine Oxidase: (DAO) deficiency sets you up for histamine reactions to various foods in your diet. Without this enzyme you cannot break down histamine. Histamine blocks the production of ceruloplasmin (CP), creating a vicious cycle of problems all over the body because without the CP, copper cannot get transported from the liver to the many enzymes that require copper in order to work!
    • Superoxide Dismutase: another copper-dependent enzyme that is needed to protect the body from oxygen free radicals that progressively damage the tissues.
    • There are many others that could be listed, but this gives you an idea of how important repairing the body’s ability to produce CP really is if any hope of improvement can be achieved.
  • Once activated ceruloplasmin (CP) production is restored, the circulating CP will begin to cause the toxic copper and toxic iron overload in the tissues to be liberated from within the connective tissues and from within the cells all over the body. Treatments and therapies must help the body quickly eliminate this liberated iron out of the body. Iron and copper are definitely needed by the body, but they should not be stored inside the cells to toxic levels. Your iron and copper blood tests are only showing what amount of iron is circulating in the blood, not what is stuck in the tissues.
  • Although dietary changes are not going to correct EDS, in those with EDS who also are dealing with MCAS or histamine-intolerance diet is very important, since excess histamine causes increased inflammation. Eliminate histamine-rich foods. Histamine naturally occurs in various foods, such as fermented foods, preserved meats, tomato, soy sauce, and much more. Histamine blocks the production of ceruloplasmin, therefore a low histamine diet is necessary until the body’s functional biochemistry is repaired.
  • Dietary sources of iron, such as iron-enriched breads, beef, and iron supplements must be stopped. Remember, if you are anemic and have low iron levels, in EDS it is most often not truly an iron deficiency, it is a iron utilization problem, since all the iron you are taking is rapidly and inappropriately getting stored in the cells and tissues, due to the loss of the normal iron-regulating nature of ceruloplasmin. Once the ceruloplasmin is restored to its activated form, the iron levels will once again return to normal in your blood. By the way, the much maligned H. Pylori bacteria that often wreak havoc on the stomach and small intestines actually is striving to help the body by blocking the absorption of more iron. Once the tissue iron toxicity issues and CP issues are resolved, the H. Pylori infection may fade into the microbial collective or be eliminated all together using our INPT and cause no more problems. The nutraceutical, Curcumin is one of the best supplements to chelate (pull out) the toxic iron from the tissues.
  • Mast cells, histamine (released by mast cells), and pro-inflammatory substances, such as PD2 which are also released inappropriately by mast cells, must be addressed at each step of the biochemical pathway to determine what the body needs in order for each metabolic step to function correctly. Without addreessing the mast cell issues, there is no hope of getting the ceruloplasmin to work. Sensitivities will be addressed using tested Low-Dose Immunotherapy, Low-Dose Antigen Therapy, as well as other bioenergetic therapies.
  • There is often a lack of bio-available copper in EDS. Remember ceruloplasmin is a transporter of copper, without the exact number of atoms of copper being loaded on each ceruloplasmin molecule, it will not activate or be able to deliver the copper that is necessary to manufacture the enzymes listed above. With no activated ceruloplasmin, no enzymes can be produced, and no proper regulation of iron utilization can occur and the tissue become overloaded with the toxic form of iron. All of these issue cause the muscle, ligament, organ disturbances seen in EDS. The body often has plenty of copper, but the copper is bound up in unusable forms, creating an essential deficiency, in other words it is not bio-available.
  • In the biochemical sequence leading up to the production of activated-ceruloplasmin (Cp) are two key enzymes that are often deficient, without which the copper cannot be loaded on the Cp molecule for transport to the downstream enzymes that ultimately cause so many problems. These two enzymes are called ATPases, specifically ATP7A and ATP7B. A deficiency of ATP7A enzyme can lead to an overall clnical picture that consists of a classical distal muscular atrophy syndrome in the legs without sensory loss. The disease starts with weakness and wasting of the distal muscles of the anterior tibial and peroneal compartments of the legs. Later on, weakness and atrophy may expand to the muscles of the lower limbs and/or to the distal upper limbs. Again we see that copper deficiency is a key to many problems experienced in EDS-type symptoms. When ATP7B is the problem, copper accumulates in the liver and subsequently in the brain and kidney. This causes neurologic problems and cirrhosis of the liver. Our testing will help determine which of these enzymes the body is struggling to produce.
  • A third enzyme we must check on everyone is the Cytochrome c Oxidase enzyme. A deficiency here will cause a wide range of symptoms that many not all manifest in every person. A deficiency can result in isolated myopathy to severe multi-system disease affecting several tissues and organs. Features include hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hepatomegaly and liver dysfunction, hypotonia, muscle weakness, exercise intolerance, developmental delay, delayed motor development and mental retardation.
  • The body requires nano-particle size minerals in order to absorb them. Nano-particle copper is most often created by plants, such as organic alfalfa, and organic dried apples, dried pears, and in organically fed animals in which case their liver is highest in copper. Of course liver also is a source of iron, however you will see later in this list of goals that the liver itself is needed and circulating iron is actually usually low to normal in EDS so the iron from the liver will often still benefit the body. The key here is also to liberate the stuck copper from the tissues so that it can be used. In doing so the CP will liberate the stuck, and toxic overload of iron as well. Supporting the kidneys with strategic remedies and therapies is important since the kidneys are the key mineral-regulating organs of the body.
  • In those with heart problems from their EDS, it is often a combination of things occurring. First the CP is cardioprotective, and without it the heart muscle and valves become essentially floppy and weak, like all of the other muscles of the body. The copper overload from the breakdown in the body’s ability to attach it to the ceruloplasmin copper transport molecule, can cause arrhythmia. It also can cause heart conduction disturbances. Copper is also very electrically conductive, which is why we use it in the electrical cords that you plug into your house electrical outlets. Without the CP delivering copper to the enzymes and those enzymes working in the heart and muscles, there can be not good electrical conduction in the heart.
  • Every person has been physiologically compromised from the many exposures to herbicide glyphosate. Glyphosate from Round-Up herbicide is known to chelate (deplete) manganese, another key mineral related to the liver functioning in that it is required to make glutathione which is necessary for liver detoxification. Glyphosate also chelates copper from the soil, from the plants, and from our body. Again, without copper you cannot make activated ceruloplasmin. Without ceruloplasmin delivering its six atoms of copper to the body you cannot regulate the iron, nor can your body manufacture the enzymes necessary to make Lysyl oxidase and all the other dysfunctional or deficient enzymes causing the symptoms in EDS. Without these enzymes your muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues become floppy, elastic, and weak.
  • Non-GMO foods are not safe when considering their amount of glyphosate, since unlike organic foods, non-GMO is still drenched with Round-Up herbicides. Eliminating all foods that are not organic is critical…forever. Glyphosate from RoundUp binds to the same receptors as the highly needed amino-acid, glycine. Detoxing the Glyphosate is highly important, while at the same time supplementing the body with glycine. As you can tell all of this protocol must be strategically applied in the right order and with the right timing.
  • An interesting finding we have seen in our clinic is that some of the ligament laxity improves as we improve the light-metabolism of the body. Light of various wavelengths is now seen as internal nutrient to the body. It is now thought that light generated from within the cells and tissues of the body are the software that runs the the hardware of the DNA and encodes the genetic and epigenetic expression. Change the way light is encoded and how light moves through the tissues and you can correct the glitches in the body’s software. Indeed it is light that adds energetic bonds to molecules in the body to get from one molecule to the next step in its pathway, in combination with the appropriate enzyme. Biophoton, light generated in the body, by the body, is the glue that holds the electrons in their orbit around the nucleus of the atoms. Biophotons can be seen as the software that is playing or projecting through the hardware of the DNA and RNA to create the correct molecules needed to maintain our structure and function. To not address problems in the light metabolism of the body is to miss a critical component, since everything we are doing is striving to restore longterm function without having to continually prop up the body with ever failing bandaids. Our innovative therapy, NeuroPhotonic Therapy addresses this light metabolism and has resulted in same day improvements in the decreased range of motion that is possible in a previously hyper-mobile joint, something unheard of with any other therapy.
  • Total body fascia release therapy is important to stop the body from essentially losing energy required for proper muscle and joint function. When the fascia membrane is stuck, energy bleeds out of the body and the body is like an old cell phone battery that wont hold a charge anymore. The heart is the electromagnetic generator of the body, generating over 5000x more energy that the entire nervous system. The combination of copper-dependent enzymes, such as Cytochrome C Oxidase, which is responsible for the heart muscle and other muscles ability to make energy, and the energy leaking out anyway through the multiple fascia restrictions make it nearly impossible to have enough energy just to do the most basic functions inside the body and in your daily life.
  • Optimization of the biochemical Heme pathway must be addressed in order to produce the detoxifying Cytochrome P450 and Cytochrome A and to maintain good blood formation and oxygenation of the tissues.
  • Psychiatric disturbances occur in EDS due to the CP, iron, and copper issues. Symptoms often include depression, neurotic behaviors, disorganization of personality, and occasionally intellectual deterioration. Various neurofeedback methods are applied to help repattern the brain waves to get out of the electrochemical loop that EDS caused.
  • Not least of all, the various forms of collagen, types I-V need to be assessed for what the body needs to enable correcting the formation and production of healthy collagen. It goes without saying that until proper copper metabolism is restored, along with the activation of ceruloplasmin, that the formation of normal collagen and elastin cannot occur. Conversely, the stage is set for healthy collagen and elastin to be formed when all of these issues have been successfully addressed.
  • Genetics are the blueprint, however the blueprint is the hardware, in computer terms. However the software is able to bipass the DNA and can still encode the RNA for the production of what the body needs. Surrounding the DNA are 4 million epigenetic switches that can be flipped to also create the necessary components of the body. Our system of testing called Fractal Frequency Modulation (FrFM) is designed to cause a shift all the way from the macro (larger tissues) to the micro (smallest energetic components), since you truly cannot shift one without necessarily shifting the other. By changing form you change function. EDS in all of its forms is a fractal incoherence and FrFM strives to restore fractal coherence all the way down to the software.
  • If the desired effect is achieved with the above, then and indeed throughout this whole process the structural alignment and entire musculoskeletal system alignment and function must be addressed and maintained. This is achieved through non-rotational, non-force, aligning of the joint complexes.
  • A wide range of supportive therapies are applied, such as lymphatic drainage therapy (ST8), Therapeutic massage therapy with various healing ointments on oils, BEMER mat therapy to increase microcirculation, PEMF to essentially pump the cells to increase cell detoxification and reduce pain, Biomat to increase the liquidity of the gelatinous dysfunction lymph fluid. Low-level laser applied at specific frequencies to enhance tissue/cellular performance. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to oxygenate the tissues to promote increase rate of healing.
  • Lastly, time is needed to watch how the body handles each day’s treatments and therapies. Daily, one-hour doctor visits allow adjustments to what we are doing, based on what road blocks pop up in the body’s biochemical pathways.

I hope you can see a logical plan throughout this outline. It is a lot, but keep in mind that it often takes more words to describe the what’s and why’s of the protocol than it actually takes in application in the treatment room.

We are aware that not many other doctors are researching real solutions for EDS. We can make no success guarantees, any more than any other doctors, however the above shows you we are doing quite a bit more than your doctor is likely doing. This is a completely non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach.

When what you are doing is intolerable, and doing nothing is not an option, doing something different may be the best plan.

We hope to speak to you soon to discuss how we can dramatically increase your quality and longevity of life.

Why an All-Inclusive Program

I grew up on a small farm that was our only source of income. Money was never plentiful, but the way of life, hard work, harvest, processing the food, and finally the reward of great tasting food on the dinner table was worth all the hard work. In those early years of my life, I never thought I would someday become a doctor.

It was early in my career as a doctor that I would come to realize that the years of never having much money would influence the way I treated people in my chronic illness clinic.

As a doctor of last resort for people suffering from all manner of chronic illnesses, I didn’t think I was letting money get in the way of doing my very best for each person under my care, until one day my Mom called and told me she had a large lump on her thyroid.

Immediately I went into action! I had my Mom move from the state she and Dad were living in at that time, to a small house near my clinic in Wichita, Kansas. It was my Mom, so money was no object. I pulled out all the stops and held nothing back in my treatments. I threw everything I knew at her and she was very compliant, doing everything I asked of her.

Within months, the lump was completely gone, and it has stayed gone for over twenty years. Once I could relax having helped her body conquer her illness it occurred to me that as much as I thought I was giving all of my patients the best care I could, it was obvious that even the people with the worst, life-threatening illnesses were not getting everything I knew to do. I was worried about their money and how much it would cost, so while I was doing more than any other doctor they had been to, they were not getting the full-on treatments I gave my Mom.

Since health insurance would not cover our type of care, people had to pay out of pocket for treatments. It seemed as the bill accumulated, I would pull back, trying to minimize the cost for the patient.

Over 90% of our patients come from other states and countries, having exhausted everything conventional medicine and natural medicine had to offer. I had to be able to use my full arsenal in order to do what no other previous doctor had been able to do for them. Their decision to come was often hinging upon how much it was going to cost. Many people feared how high the cost might go, since in a pay-as-you-go system I couldn’t say for certain what their program would cost.

I ultimately decided to create one price, all-inclusive packages of care. This plan enables people to receive thousands of dollars more treatment and therapies than they paid for, and enables us to do everything we can, give you any treament, any therapy, and pull out all the stops to get you better.

If you Google your illness, every remedy, treatment, and healing treatment/therapy device has success stories that they worked for somebody with similar symptoms. Often while those therapies and treatments might be beneficial, they were not enough to work for your unique case. The synergistic effect of combining multiple treatments in a well thought out strategic manner can often achieve tremendous results. We have seen over 10,000 of the toughest cases of longstanding symptoms. Most if not all of these people chased every new treatment fad, losing money and more importantly losing participation for years of life.

The package below was put together specifically for those of you with any of the types of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It is a full court sprint in a completely individualized program tailored to your unique symptom presentation. I don’t accept the statement of conventional medicine that people have repeatedly told me their doctors said to them, “This is your life. Just get used to the idea that it will not get better, but we can manage the symptoms.”

I am so happy to announce that we now have a 501c3 non-profit foundation that is working with us to enable those with any type of chronic illness, such as EDS, to get financial assistance to get this type of care. (Call (855) 993-3285 to see if you qualify for assistance.)

Why am I confident? Because for a quarter century I have been able to help the vast majority of people under my care, no matter if they had their illness from birth or if they had it for 20+ years. So if I could do often dramatic things at the late stage of the illness, how much more if I could get at the person from the earliest stage!

Whether you live next door or you have to fly from the other side of the world, we want to see if we can do what no one has been able to do for the EDS community, and do more than just help you, “manage your symptoms.”

Contact us to discuss how we can dramatically increase your quality and longevity of life.

For over 24 years the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Wichita, Kansas has specialized in the restoration of health for people with previously unresponsive and chronic illnesses of virtually all types. Over 85% of people come from other states and countries. Please call and talk with one of our Patient Care Coordinators for information on the exciting new treatments we have developed at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health. For additional info, visit our website at Call (855) 525-5984 to schedule your visit.

All of our doctors are proudly, Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine, with post-graduate training in Advanced Biological and Bioregulatory Medicine, as well as Anthroposophical Medicine. Our training does not require us to depend upon pharmaceutical drug-induced illusions of health, the suppression of symptoms, nor do we have to unlearn what we have been taught as do conventional medical physicians. What is only natural in our training and profession, to work to restore the optimum structure and function of every aspect of the body as a way to help the body eliminate disease, only in recent years have mainstream medical doctors begun to accept and learn the concepts of functional medicine and now proclaim it as self-evident and truly science based.

This article is for educational purposes. Before implementing any supplements/remedies always consult with your healthcare professional. Due to the complexity of the human condition there remains the possibility of symptoms getting worse. Again, discuss the ideas presented here with your health care professional before beginning, and stop, or get support, if your condition worsens. This information is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or mitigate any disease or illness, and has not been evaluated by the FDA. The Biologix Center does not treat named diseases, but seeks to restore the body’s optimum structural and functional integrity so that the body can rapidly heal itself.

*Due to the exhaustive time spent per day with each patient, and poor repayment history of insurance companies, we unfortunately cannot accept insurance assignment. We do participate in Care Credit, and accept all major credit cards. We will gladly accept insurance when our elected officials revamp the health insurance industry to cover all results-based care. Please call (855) 993-3285, for current pricing for our economically-priced, All-inclusive 1-3 weeks intensive packages of care.