This article is an outline of a new, extremely comprehensive, and individualized plan of care specifically designed to hopefully achieve never before seen improvements for people with any of the varieties of dementia. As you will see from this article, there are so many things that go wrong in the body that lead to the various types of dementia. It can be quite overwhelming to the lay person to see all of the details of the inner problems common to most dementia cases, however at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, TN, all of these issues are tested and addressed, using our precision real-time testing to determine which of them are happening in your unique situation. All tests and treatments are included inside our all-inclusive comprehensive programs of care.

In Summary:

Memory loss due to dementia. Senior man losing parts of head as sign of decreased mind function.

The Plan In Greater Detail

  1. Facilitate the restoration of copper and iron utilization through identifying and eliminating interferences in the loading of copper onto the copper-transport molecule, ceruloplasmin. This combined with the possibility of chelation of iron from the brain has at times restored memory and cognitive issues to normal.
  2. Correct metabolic pathways of copper-dependent enzymes, the deficiency of which directly leads to toxic form of iron deposition in the brain and the symptoms of all forms of dementia.
  3. Facilitate the restoration of biophoton regulation of metabolic processes.
  4. Release global fascia restrictions.
  5. Eliminate accumulated environmental and endogenous toxins, such as toxic accumulations of iron, mercury, and aluminum in the tissues and glyphosate’s blocking of glycine receptors.
  6. Assess and facilitate the body’s correction of metabolic processes, such as oxylate issues, heme metabolism, and mast cell/histamine/proinflammatory issues.
  7. Optimize dietary issues, and gut microbiome imbalances.
  8. Eliminate EMF interference in genetic/epigenetic expression.
  9. Synchronize brain-heart co-regulation of biological processes and correct brain-wave patterns.
  10. Regenerate problem tissues using your own body’s stem cells.

Dementia by any name is not our normal lot in life, although many millions are struggling with this malady. Dementia has some very predictable causes that when caught and addressed soon enough, can dramatically reverse the symptoms. The latest research has suggested that dementia can often be caused by a mixed infection of Lyme Borrelia bacteria, and Candida, and/or other mold and mold toxins, combined with high oxidative stress in the brain due to elevated iron deposition in the brain.

Our doctors address the microbial issues, such as the neuroborreliosis and mold/candida if those are present and the iron simultaneously. This would be done without neuro-active drugs, since the brain tissue is already very vulnerable to foreign substances in the body. Instead, our doctors would use our own proprietary innovation, Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT) to cause naturally occurring phages to selectively target and kill these microbes throughout the body, even reaching them in the brain. The ability of mycophages to cross the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) and selectively and efficiently kill the yeast, without the toxic effects of pharmaceuticals, makes them the treatment of choice.

The die off of these microbes is often less problematic due to how the phages and the immune system react differently than pharmaceuticals. Still, we make every effort to minimize any symptoms from die-off.

The candida, mold, and Borrelia, etc., complex with iron and other metals such as aluminum to further complicate the issues, so when they die, even more iron and metals are liberated which can dramatically worsen the symptoms of the patient unless addressed at the same time.

Intravenous iron chelators deferiprone and PBT2 have been used on dementia cases with good results. The conditions that are behind the deposition of iron in the brain are multiple, including venous hypertension due to structural damage from trauma to the neck, or the result of microbial-induced stenosis in the vein/s draining the part of the brain that is most affected. The regulation of iron is normally controlled by ceruloplasmin, the copper transporter. So there is often a secondary condition of poor Cu utilization, leading to the deposition of toxic forms of iron in the tissues. Keeping an eye on labs for iron status via a complete iron panel is obviously required during this treatment.

After all of these issues are addressed, the implementation of neurofeedback can be helpful. This process starts with a Brain Mapping EEG and is guided by the problems identified in the brainwaves. The neurofeedback system helps correct the likely stuck brainwaves in the various parts of the brain. Again, this will only be effective after the candida and iron overload is addressed.

Throughout the treatment plan, dietary modifications and nutritional supplementation are also addressed, in addition to many more things that make this ten-point program the most comprehensive plan to help restore optimum brain function to you or your loved one.

We want to help achieve what no one has for you!


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