The heart is the generator of the body. The heart generates over 5000 times stronger electromagnetic energy than the entire nervous system. When your energy is low, when your brain is foggy, when you take all the right remedies to no effect, very often it is because of low output of your body’s generator…the heart.

The heart is greatly influenced by every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit. When a runner sees everyone is beating him in a race, he often will become even weaker and his endurance will fade. When this happens we say he has, “lost heart.” Due to emotions of being beaten his mind knows he must keep going, but his heart output won’t let him. It can be the same in prolonged illness.

When we allow ourselves to get discouraged about our illness, and we let the sun set on our negative state, day after day, a perpetual gloom settles around us like a dark cloud. You might see the heart as a solar battery that is charged by the sunny emotions.

Our emotional state is our decision within each moment. I have been greatly touched by the example of many of our patients, but one young man sticks out in my memory, a man who is about to get married and is moving on in his life in spite of being in constant pain and in a wheelchair and yet he is incredibly cheerful, loving, and constantly smiles. He is so nice even as he gingerly squirms in his wheelchair as the pain jabs him.

I asked many of these people how they can be so chipper and bright when they are so sick and they all have said the same thing. They told me they were not always this way. They learned after months or years of depression, resentment, and anger about their condition, that they were not their illness. They realized they are not their physical body. They decided that the “meat suit” they were wearing would not dictate their emotions and spiritual state. They were definitely more than their physical body.

Once they realized this fact, they defiantly made the decision that if they never got well, and life never went back to normal, they were going to face each moment, each day, each year with the sunnier emotions.

Our emotional state is ours to choose, within each moment, and within each situation.

Having the right heart for healing can go a long way to helping your body heal its sicknesses. Its not all in your head, but healing does require your head and heart to be in alignment with all things healthy. As you think in your heart, so do you manifest.

Of course, it is not always as easy as simply making a decision to “be happy”, the brain chemistry can need to be addressed, as well as addressing the emotional frequencies directly that are stuck in a loop. Not to mention helping resolve the total illness, which is the ultimate desire of everyone involved, but while you are waiting for resolution, it helps to power up your heart’s solar battery with the decision to face life with a sunny attitude.

There are many different techniques our doctors use at the Biologix Center to help you break the cycle of doom and gloom. In upcoming posts I will go into some of these techniques.