I walked into the men’s room at a restaurant. Three ER doctors in scrubs were washing their hands and greeted me. As a doctor too, and a great fan of ER doctors, I thanked them for the heroic job they do. They were very humble, saying they do what they can for people.  They asked what I specialize in, and I told them I specialize in the treatment of chronic illness using Biological Medicine. Their response surprised me. They asked, “What is chronic illness?” I responded, it is whatever no one else can fix. They were polite, however I could tell they were still not understanding as they walked out, since chronic illness is not a specialty in their world of mainstream medicine and hospitals.

The reality is that mainstream medicine defines chronic illness as any symptoms that persist beyond three months. So to specialize in chronic illness, which is not a medical specialty, such as Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, and such, is not recognized. No one specializes in the totality of the entire body, which is required in most chronic illnesses.

Most of my patients are chronically ill to the point that every single organ and tissue is messed up. This type patient would need to be seen by every specialist in the hospital, yet the system is not set up to have you see every specialist. Even when a person is able to see the primary specialists they need to see, the only solutions that can be offered are pharmaceutical drugs that either suppress the symptoms or do for the body what the body should do for itself. Either solution will do nothing to actually correct the underlying causes of the symptoms, although most people are happy because their symptoms go away…at least for awhile.

The point of specializing in the treatment of people with chronic illness using the treatment philosophies of Biological and Bioregulatory Medicine is to facilitate the restoration of optimum structural and functional integrity of every organ, tissue, and system of the body. It would be much easier, as a doctor, to specialize in just one organ or system in the body, as in the specialists in hospitals, however if the point of treating any body dysfunction is to restore optimum function back to the body, without having to perpetually take a medication or natural supplement, then the doctor must have the tools and technologies to diagnose and successfully address everything that has gone wrong.

The goal is to never mask the symptoms. True healing, as in Biological/Bioregulatory Medicine, never seeks to mask the symptoms, because that would defeat the point of truly healing! If you must take something forever in order to feel good, then it is not fixing anything, and it is only masking the symptoms. If the cause was being really addressed, your doctor would say, take this for x period of time, after which you should be fine, and you can stop the medication!

This idea is so foreign to most people that they predictably start finding examples of why they feel I am wrong, such as the need for insulin, or thyroid hormones. No one stops to realize their doctor never tried to really figure out why the person’s insulin or hormone regulation was messed up. This is the reactionary medicine for the masses treatment philosophy. It is easier by far to prescribe a medication, than to figure out exactly why the problem is occurring and fix it at the source.

In treatment philosophy of Biological/Bioregulatory Medicine, every treatment is tested to work in synergy with each other treatment, and with the goal of synchronizing the eloquent orchestra that is the biochemistry and systems of the body. This is now often possible, using the latest technologies, non-toxic and strategic treatments that are now available, which come with no harmful side-effects. That’s right, “This will NOT cause anal leakage, migraines, and death!” as is commonly found with medications which only cover up the symptoms.

The reality is that in this day and age, not all new technology is being created for the betterment of mankind. However, the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, is applying inspired, new technologies with the focus and calling to work as until our Heavenly Father to restore His perfect design and function of those who are under our care. No drug-induced illusions of health. No use of medications designed to be taken for the rest of one’s life. The optimally functioning body is able to repel virtually all of the illnesses experienced by mankind, so why not strive towards that goal?

The point of living is to live life to your maximum potential. Who would you be and what could you achieve, out from under the haze of the prescriptions and illness? Health starts with the help of our doctors to pinpoint the many causes of the chaos in your body, followed by you making lifestyle changes, such as eating as originally intended, living as cleanly as possible, not exposing ourselves to harmful things, and using only healing methods that work with respect for the natural function of the entire body, mind, and spirit.

Since the body, mind, and spirit are all interdependent and all interconnected, none should believe that we can poison one part of the body, without adverse consequences to the mind, and the spirit, and indeed the entire body.

While having faith is not popular in today’s world, our faith provides us great peace and significance in life. Our philosophy of healing provides a path, no, a journey towards an independence from drug-induced illusions of health, with the possibility of freedom from illness forever. It comes down to the question, “how truly well do you want to be?” Many patients have told me that before they came to the Biologix Center, they felt like they were selling their soul and everything they had lived for, in taking medications they knew were harming them, as their doctor promised it would eventually heal them, yet they felt there was no alternative that was truly scientific and that would or could help them. Even antibiotics, often cause more damage than good, and people are part of online forums that inform them on the hazards to be expected in the way of new physical, mental, and emotional symptoms when taking it. Yet, when newer treatment technologies are presented, that have none of those bad effects, it is often met with skepticism and doubt. It is the proverbial, better to endure the evil I know, than the new and unknown.

The healing path offered at the Biologix Center is not as easy as the medicine made for the masses, the cookbook doctoring with a one-size fits all pharmaceutical treatment solution.True healing takes time and patience.

The Biologix Center upholds the highest ideals of healing. We use the best of new and old science, but in such a way as there can be a gradual peeling away of the layers of generational and lifetime issues that never really were addressed at their core. It is a marathon, not a sprint, yet results can be rapid still, since when you treat the many causes and not just the symptoms, dramatic changes can happen quickly at times. As much as you might want the key to unlocking your illness to be one thing, such as killing the infection, or correcting the hormonal imbalance, it usually requires a much deeper and complete treatment approach to really restore your optimum health.

Whether newly diagnosed, or chronically ill for years, there is a place where the latest in treatment and testing innovations are available, but used in a way that seeks to make you the best you that is medically possible…the Biologix Center for Optimum Health.

Only medicine made for the masses is covered by insurance at this time. The healing system described here is not part of that system. You will have to invest in yourself and make the time commitment to really getting every system and tissue in your body restored.

Many of our peers and patients have described the Biologix Center as the “Mayo Clinic of Biological Medicine,” however though intended as a compliment, our testing, treatment methods, and goals are quite different. We are, unfortunately similar to the Mayo Clinic, in that we are a treatment center of last resort for many of our patients. I say, unfortunate, because it would have been so much easier to heal people if they had not used us as their last resort, and come sooner in their illness.

Whether you are recently diagnosed or you have been battling illness for your entire life, we are here for you.