New Year… New, Healthier You!

Exclusive January 2024 Offers at Biologix Center

Welcome to a transformative year of health and wellness! At Biologix Center, we’re excited to usher in 2024 with exclusive offers for those embarking on their journey with us for the first time. Embrace this opportunity to rejuvenate and revitalize your health as you step into the New Year.

New Patient 2-Week Treatment Offer

Schedule a 2-week treatment program in January and receive one complimentary EBOO session – a value of $1500!* Must schedule your treatment by January 31, 2024, and begin treatment by March 15, 2024. Offer exclusive to New Patients of the Biologix Center For Optimum Health.

New Patient 1-Week Treatment Offer

Book a one-week program in January and receive one complimentary 10-Pass Ozone Treatment – a value of $800.* Must schedule your treatment by January 31, 2024, and begin treatment by March 15, 2024. Offer exclusive to New Patients of the Biologix Center For Optimum Health.

*Before administering EBOO or 10-Pass Therapy, your Biologix doctor will review your health records and assess your current health condition to ensure the best care and treatment suitability.

Are You Ready To Start Your Journey?

Don’t miss this chance to step into a healthier, more vibrant 2024. These offers are a testament to our commitment to your health journey. Schedule your appointment today, and let us be a part of your wellness story.

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Why Choose Biologix Center?

At Biologix Center, your health and well-being are our utmost priority. We blend innovative treatments like EBOO and 10-Pass Ozone Therapy with personalized care, ensuring each patient experiences a holistic path to improved health. Our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care in a nurturing environment.

  • Daily doctor visits (Monday-Thursday)
  • 40+ hours of supportive, personalized therapies (Monday-Friday)
  • Nutritional IVs and Massages included *schedule and product availability permitting.
  • All in-house testing is required for your healing process
  • All supplements and remedies are prepared specifically for you while you are at the clinic

Learn more about what to expect from your visit to The Biologix Center

Following your initial Biologix Treatment Program, your Biologix doctor will recommend an at-home treatment program to continue your healing process. This may include the use of therapeutic devices that may enhance the speed of your healing at home. While you are at home, we will continue to track your progress by scheduling follow-up communication with you. If you find you are not healing as well as we had hoped, your doctor can make strategic recommendations to your at-home protocol or advise you on next steps.

Your doctor may recommend that you return to the Biologix Center 2 to 3 months after your initial visit. Length of stay will depend on how you are progressing and how many issues still need to be addressed, but it is typically no more than 3 to 5 days.

Individual Therapies Are Available at The Biologix Center for Optimum Health!

We are excited to announce that individual standalone therapies are now available to our patients! These therapies, such 10-Pass Ozone Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen, can be tailored to meet your unique health needs. As part of our commitment to personalized care, we invite you to contact our Patient Care team to discuss these innovative treatments further. They will guide you on how these therapies may benefit your health and assist in scheduling your appointments.

10-Pass Ozone Therapy

Lahody/Rowen Modified High Dose Therapy (10-Pass) is a form of ozone therapy that involves the intravenous administration of ozone in high concentrations. It is believed to have a number of beneficial effects on the body and has been shown to be effective in treating a range of medical conditions. At The Biologix Center, it is used as part of our holistic and biological medicine treatment program to address the underlying causes of disease and promote overall health and wellness.

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O3UV Therapy (EBOO)

Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBOO) is a treatment method that essentially acts as an external dialysis machine for your blood. This technique involves the removal of a patient’s blood, its oxygenation and ozonation outside of the body, and then its reintroduction into the body. In the O3UV method, an additional step of ultraviolet (UV) treatment is incorporated. The oxygenated and ozonated blood is exposed to UV light. The full-spectrum UV light further assists in the eradication of microorganisms in the blood and aids in the breakdown of toxins.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

HBOT is the medical use of oxygen in a pressurized environment, at a higher level than 1 atmosphere absolute (ATA). Increased pressure allows oxygen to dissolve and saturate the blood plasma (independent of hemoglobin/red blood cells), which yields a broad variety of positive physiological, biochemical, and cellular effects. This non-invasive therapy is the most trusted way to increase oxygen levels to all organs of the body. The typical treatment lasts for 60 to 90 minutes, during which the patient will be lying down and breathing normally.

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ST-8 Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

ST-8 Lymphatic Drainage therapy is a sophisticated, multi-modal treatment that harnesses the power of four treatments within one machine. This includes cold-gas photon therapy for liquefying old lymph fluid, Rife frequencies for supporting the body in eliminating harmful microbes, transdermal ozone for enriching tissue oxygenation, and a Scalar Wave generator for rejuvenating cellular interaction and health. Offered as part of our comprehensive treatment programs or as a standalone therapy, ST-8 aids in boosting the lymphatic system’s functionality, supporting systemic detoxification, and promoting overall cellular vitality.

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  • Step 1: Schedule a free case review with our Patient Care Coordinator to see if Biologix is right for you!

  • Step 2: Visit for your treatments at our comfortable, supportive facility! Treatments typically last one to three weeks to allow our doctors time to get to know your unique case and begin your path to healing!

  • Step 3: Continue treatment at home and follow up with the Biologix team to manage your care remotely until your next visit with us! We will always be here for you!