A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

For years I have treated some of the top athletes, top thinkers, top meditators, and top spiritual teachers from all over the world. I found it interesting that each category had succumbed to illness in spite of their prowess in their given area of achievement.

Illness is not just our lot in life!

We look around and see so much illness that it seems inevitable, but I am here to tell you that you were designed to be invincible!

This invincibility is the product of strong links in the chain of our life.

The links in our life are most often thought to be our body, mind, and spirit. This chain of our life can be extended into more links when considering our unity and web of interconnectedness with each other and to links of subtle energy within all dimensions.

The ideal chain of an individual’s life would have no weak links. Many people know they are stronger in one link and gravitate towards using it to manifest whatever is desired. The physically limited person may strive to drive their world through tremendous feats of the mind, and drag the body along as dead weight.

Those who feel they are strongest in the spiritual realm strive to repair the physical body through spiritual means. The physically strong being thinks that if they can just swim more laps, push more weights, or eat healthier that they can fight off illness of the body, mind, and spirit.

A weak link limiting the strength of our experience is often found in the delusion that one link is more powerful than the next. The body, mind, and spirit are interlinked and interdependent. Without the integrity of truth, knowledge, and wisdom the mind cannot enable the body to maintain its highest integrity. Without integrity within both the body and the mind effective prayer and meditation on the spiritual level cannot be attained.

It is an impossibility to have a sick body and a perfect mind and spirit. It is impossible for any link in the chain of your life to be weak and live at your highest potential!

While it is true that one can create great things by exerting power through their strongest life link, it is most ideal to strive to bring all aspects of your being into their highest integrity.

When the body, mind, and spirit are all equally strong true miracles can be achieved as there are no limitations or interferences to the power of God to flow in and through you to manifest your highest potential.

This is the goal of all the staff at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, to enable you to achieve your most optimum integrity within each link of your life chain.

Make the decision today and commit to yourself to break free from your limitations.

If you lived to be 100 years of age what would be your highest achievement?

Are you just a worker bee that can retire after 65 or are you one who never retires from the goal of achieving perfection in each link of your body, mind, and spirit?

It is a journey that can start today and last your entire life and beyond.