Post-Lyme Syndrome is a clinical condition where symptoms remain beyond the point where the bacteria can be detected. The damage to the body that was caused by the infections persists even though your doctor feels the medicines have killed all the bacteria.

Post-Lyme Syndrome is the most obvious problem with the idea that antibiotics are the answer to Lyme disease. It is also the problem with taking natural supplements that are touted to kill the bacteria. Killing the bacteria and even doing extensive detoxification treatments does nothing to actually repair the damaged tissues that are the source of your symptoms.

Of course eliminating the damaging bacteria and toxins is necessary. However, very often the damaged tissues of the body cannot just go back to normal through the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Chronic Post-Lyme symptoms indicate that you have most likely dealt with the first phase of the healing process by resolving the infections. Now you must enter the second phase of healing…the repair, restore, and regenerative phase of healing.

Lyme Disease is similar to another of history’s terrifying neurological infections, Polio, whose allopathic treatment left many to suffer with Post-Polio Syndrome. Both syndromes leave the people who have been declared “cured” in spite of slowly-progressing condition marked by short to long periods of stability.

The severity of PLS depends on the degree of the weakness and disability an individual had leading up to the infection, as well as the residual weakness and disability left behind by the infection and allopathic treatments.

People originally hit hard by Lyme Disease and treated with antibiotics are often left with severe residual physical, mental, and emotional problems, and they may develop more severe cases of PLS with the recurrence of many symptoms and more periods of profound fatigue.

The prevalent thought seems to be that the human body is unintelligent and needs our help to fix its problems. The reality is that the world’s most astute and celebrated physicians cannot fix even the simplest paper cut, much less a serious illness like Lyme Disease. The human body is not stupid. The body needs the physician to see his role as a being a facilitator in the process of restoring the body’s optimal design so that homeostasis can be reestablished and true health can follow.

The following is a list of what the doctors at Biologix Center normally address in a Post-Lyme Syndrome in order to restore optimum health in a two to three-week intensive restoration program of care.

  • Restore the structural integrity of the spine, pelvis, and musculoskeletal aspects of the extremities.
  • Reset the visceral circuitry to 100% integrity to enable the restoration of muscle tone and strength and optimize the restorative and regenerative processes within each organ and gland.
  • Adjust all biochemistry, such as hormones, enzymes, amino-acids, neurotransmitters.
  • Eliminate food allergies and source-reduce toxins/allergens from personal care products.
  • Erase the cellular memory of trauma (physical, emotional, and chemical traumas) that were causing fascia restrictions and myofascial interferences.
  • Realign the liquid-crystalline matrix with NeuroPhotonic Therapy (NPT) thereby restoring ability of the body to properly move light through the body for intercellular communication and bioregulation of epigenetics.
  • Brainwave balancing addressed via NPT with Alpha, Theta, and Delta wave stimulation.
  • Counseling and emotional clearing techniques to relieve emotional interferences.
  • Correct bowel movement (peristalsis) by rebound activation of the Ileocecal valve and Valve of Houston.
  • Facilitate the body’s ability to control microbial (bacteria, virus, fungus, parasitic) overgrowth through bioinformatics applications of frequency-matched botanical and homeopathic remedies.
  • Detoxify microbial, exogenous, and metabolic waste, toxins, and neurotoxins.
  • Restore the skin’s ability to perspire and eliminate properly (the largest organ of elimination).
  • Clear miasmatic/inherited predispositions as well as drug-induced miasmatic problems.
  • Correct neurological disorganization between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
  • Work to reset the thermostat of the body and improve core-temperature in order to restore sleep patterns, overall function, and increase sense of wellbeing.
  • Stimulate regenerative/strengthening impulses, as well as improved overall crystalline-matrix integrity with the LUX therapy.
  • Improve the lymphatic system’s ability to flow correctly
  • Balance the body’s electromagnetic and photonic fields around and permeating the body, which help to regulate and restore tissue function.
  • Provide the primary nutritional/homeopathic building blocks needed to address the primary regenerative processes of the body.

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