It is almost Christmas. Many families and friends are getting together the world over to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Getting together with friends and family holds the potential of opening up old wounds and unforgiveness from Christmas-past.

Resentment is a form of unforgiveness.

Most people reading this are sick with long-standing illness. All they want for Christmas is health, and at the very least to be loved and shown compassion. Many were desperately hoping to be healthier for this Christmas so that they would not need to pretend to be feeling good so that others who may or may not understand would not get upset. The stage is set potentially for hurt feelings and renewed resentment.

To the rest of the world, it is a season for giving. In an ideal world it is also a season of forgiving.

You cannot be your best self when you live with resentment of the illness, resentment of the detour that your life has taken, resentment of the perception that other people have undeserved health that they take for granted, resentment that you are once again stuck in bed in your room while everyone else has fun, and unforgiveness for the past offenses of the friends and family you are about to meet with this Christmas.

Unforgiveness and resentment is indeed like drinking poison, yet expecting the other person to suffer! The only problem is that you are the one who is suffering, in body, mind, and spirit. The reality is you are letting that person’s offense still affect you.

As much as we all would like people to act a certain way, to accept and nurture our feelings and situation, it really is not how other people need to change that determines if we are going to be stable and happy. In the same way that we know no one can make us happy, no one can make us sad or anything else!

If we view our interactions with the more challenging people in our world as competition, when they are ugly or insensitive, you get to win the competition by holding your happiness regardless of what they do. Nothing thwarts a negative person like someone who is unaffected by their ugliness.

Not only that, but if you allow, and yes there is a moment when you allow yourself to get upset, your cellular biochemistry is cranking out the biochemicals that aggravate all of your symptoms, as well as promoting a condition where the bacteria thrive and the neurotoxins turn your body into a toxic waste dump.

This Christmas season remember, it is not how others need to change in order for us to be happy! It is not how our illness must change in order for us to be happy this Christmas and every day.

Forgiveness is not a process, it is a decision. Make the decision today, and inside every moment, to be the personification of love…to embody love…regardless of the actions and words of others, and regardless of the illness. You can be sick and be miserable, or you can be sick and love.
I am so sorry if you don’t feel great this Christmas. Keep holding the faith that indeed this too shall pass! I am sending you a big hug and prayers for renewed health and that you be surrounded only with love and compassion!