Did you ever wonder why you act the way you do, or why you suffer with certain types of illnesses?

How you act and the physical symptoms you suffer from may have more to do with your ancestors than with your lifestyle.

The theory of epigenetic miasms may explain some of what makes you uniquely prone to the types of problems you experience . This is not “new age” and is not genetic aberrations, but it is more of an epigenetic phenomenon.

An Epigenetic miasm, by definition, is a predisposition, or tendency, of certain psychological and physical problems that are set in motion by illnesses in your family history going back seven generations, or acquired within your own lifetime.

Epigenetic miasms are due to changes in the expression in genes that are not due to underlying changes in the actual DNA sequences.

Epigenetic miasms are not to be confused with genetic abnormalities, such as missing or mutated genes. Epigenetic miasms are more of an energetic and epigenetic abnormality. John Davidson, a researcher and author on bio-energetics, states that, “Miasms are essentially an energy disharmony, disease pattern or imbalance.”

Scientific research dating back over 200 years documents the reality of these epigenetic problems, though the term epigentetics was only coined recently when researchers on the Human Genome Project realized that instead of the expected 200,000+ gene sequences they only found humans have only 25,000. What this means is anyone who is expecting genetic engineers to be able to come up with a cure for every illness can stop waiting. The problems are not to be found in incorrect sequences of genes in most situations. Therefore the term “epigenetics” was coined to explain the energetic phenomenon that expresses through the DNA as opposed to the actual DNA structure be the end all cause of illness.

Epigenetic miasms are usually started by improperly treated illnesses that can go back as far as seven generations of your family tree. In other words, some of the tendencies to problems you have could be the result of illnesses or medications experienced by your great, great, great…grandparents.

For over two hundred years, scientists have been tracking the epigenetic miasms caused by specific illnesses. Today we have immense collections of data outlining what kinds of problems future generations may experience due to different illnesses. Gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis, cancer, and many more, all will generate a specific set of problems unique to the illness when suppressive therapies are used to treat them. Homeopathic texts have pages of symptoms of the body and mind, which are completely predictable in a miasmatically affected family line for each type of miasm.

Antibiotics are a suppressive therapy and, some agree, the major culprit to creating epigenetic miasms. The antibiotics do kill most of the bacteria that cause these different illnesses, but they do nothing to address the damage already done by the bacteria on a physical and bio-electrical level in the patient’s body.

For example, if you find that you have termites in you house, you can call an exterminator to come out and kill the termites. By killing the termites you have eliminated any worsening of the problem; however, you have done nothing to correct the myriad of tunnels through the woodwork of your house. To make matters worse, you now have a very toxic chemical insecticide in your house. The energetic (epigenetic) tunnels and toxins in the body, in a nutshell, are what cause epigenetic miasm to occur.

It can be also likened to using a computer that is infected with a computer virus to build new computers. The new computers will be similarly affected. Epigenetic miasms are very mush like a computer virus in your body’s operating system…It doesn’t kill you outright. It only corrupts various aspects of your body’s operating systems when activated by certain stressors in your life.

How are Epigenetic Miasms Passed from Generation to Generation?

When a girl or boy is born, they carry the family blueprints in their eggs and sperm. These blueprints are being constantly modified. You might say it is an ongoing project that is passed on to each new generation. The husband’s sperm carry the blueprints unique to his family. When combined with the wife’s blueprints, each generation puts in their “two cent’s worth” on how the child should be made. Throughout both sets of blueprints, there are energetic flaws (epigenetic miasm), which went uncorrected out of the ignorance of past allopathic (conventional) doctors.

The union of these blueprints results in a child. This child came to this world created with his or her unique set of blueprints. Let us assume for the sake of demonstration that this is a boy child whose parents properly treated their health and passed on no epigenetic miasms. His blueprints have no flaws. The years go by, and he gets an ear infection, which the parents have treated with antibiotics due to social pressures. Instantly, the blueprints in the little boy’s sperm are modified. His sperm will now create offspring that may have tendencies to similar problems (i.e. ear infections) and the psychological problems unique to the miasm. The boy will live through these minor illnesses.

The boy grows up, and we’ll say he is sexually promiscuous before he is married and catches gonorrhea. Gonorrhea has been identified as the cause of a major type of miasm. Gonorrhea infection, along with the standard treatments, causes major modifications to the blueprints in his the sperm. He later settles down and marries a nice girl. This is where it really gets interesting – keep in mind that the blueprint in the sperm is being modified bio-electrically (or energetically).

Can an Epigenetic Miasm be sexually transmitted?

When the above couple has sexual intercourse, the man’s sperm is deposited within the woman. Research has verified that the sperm are viable from three to five days, so during days the woman is likely forced to integrate some of the miasmatic energy of the sperm! In a bizarre way, the woman becomes linked to that man energetically. This may be some primeval mechanism to ensure the procreation of the species, much like the way many birds and animals mate for life. It may also ensure that miasmatic corruption of blueprints is kept to a minimum (for example, reducing inbreeding problems seen in the breeding of purebred dogs). It is theorized that this may also be one reason why some wives continue to stay with a husband who excessively abuses them physically and emotionally.

Even if this couple never has children, the woman will suffer primarily on a psychological level because of the miasmatic transfer from the husband’s sperm. It is on the psychological level since it is the most vulnerable to energetic change; however, over the course of many years, the woman may experience physical symptoms as well, caused purely by the miasm.

If this couple were to have children, the father’s miasm-damaged blueprint would be passed on to the child, predisposing the child to similar problems and tendencies which, if left untreated, will be passed on for another five generations.

What if a woman has had multiple sex partners?

It appears that males pass on the strongest miasmatic energy, possibly related to ancient texts that mention, “…the sins of the father passed on four generations.” In miasmatic theory, each man’s sperm can adversely affect the woman on a miasmatic level. This may be the scientific preference for monogamous marriage. Having multiple sex partners means that potentially each of the woman’s partners imprinted their miasmatic “garbage” upon the woman and may impact her and her offspring. Theoretically the bond of one woman to one man would be weaker with a person with multiple partners. The epigenetic imprinting of the male sperm to the female may explain how and why many animals mate for life with only one mate.

Like father, like son!

The next time you hear someone say, “I’m just like my Mom, a worrier,” or, “I have my Dad’s hot temper,” or, “Everyone in my family has diabetes,” or, “Everyone in my family dies of cancer,” you can recognize it for what it really is – a miasm running through the family up to seven generations.

Marriage Concerns

I know it is not romantic, but you should be concerned about your potential spouse’s family health history. If nothing else, you and your significant other should be tested and treated for epigenetic miasms before you start a family.

How are Epigenetic Miasms corrected?

The only recognized way to effectively eliminate existing epigenetic miasm is with the proper homeopathic remedy. In the above gonorrhea scenario, the homeopathic nosode called Medorrhinum would be the appropriate remedy. Normally only one to three doses is necessary to remove the miasm from the blueprint. “Energy is never lost, only transformed or relocated and homeopathic cure attempts therefore, to smooth out the disharmony of the miasm, as the basic cause of disease…The release of the entire miasmatic trait would result in a complete cure… If therefore, a miasm is successfully treated, the energy field is re-polarized.”

The best way to avoid acquiring new epigenetic miasm is to combine the proper homeopathic remedies with whatever other treatments you choose. Only a doctor trained in homeopathy, or a professional homeopath trained in the treatment of epigenetic miasm, should address these types of issues.

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