Are you sick of just surviving your day? Where does it end? Women outlive men by many years and the distance is widening. If you watch the Today Show in the morning on tv you can see Willard Scott celebrating more people than ever with birthdays that are over 100 years. Most of these people did not do everything right…they just didn’t die!

No one knows how long each generation is going to live, however, according to epidemiological studies, all indicators show that you will likely live even longer than the current centurions.

Many people when asked say they do not want to live that long. My response to that is like it or not you will probably live way longer than you may want to live.

Do you plan to retire at 65 old? Do you feel yourself slowing down like all of your dreams, hopes, and inspiration can finally just coast the rest of the way through whatever life you have left?

My question to you is why?

If you are 45ish then you really can live your entire life from birth to 45 almost two more times…without having to go through puberty diapers and puberty again! You know how people always say, “I might not mind going back to a younger age if I knew what I know now?” well you can be and do anything you choose to be and do.

Have you ever watched a colony of ants? They are one of the most industrious and busy creatures on the planet. Every ant is in perpetual motion it seems, busy doing, coming, and going as fast as they can. Look at Americans… If you could stand over our nation and watch us as we watch ants on an anthill, you would see that we have an uncanny frantic movement just the same as ants. We live, it would seem from our lofty vantage point, to work. We run, run, run then gradually slow down and die.

Do you truly want to live to work? I hope you want to live to experience joy in everything you do for work and play. Do you really want to live so that you can retire? Is this the purpose and ultimate fulfillment in life? Most people feel that they are like a gerbil on an exercise wheel, barely keeping up but unable to get off.

Imagine if your life had an odometer that would timeout at 10,360,000 seconds in your 120-year life. Only your odometer would spin faster, shortening your quality and length of life with each thing you do in life that is contrary to the optimum health of your body, mind, and spirit.

Of course, if you redefine the purpose of your life to choosing only those natural healthcare choices that work in complete synergy with the optimum integrity and function of the entire body…and you learn to follow the joyful emotions and let them guide your journey…your odometer will spin slower and your youth will be yours to enjoy throughout your entire lifetime.

Are you mentally, physically, and emotionally tired? You don’t have to be, help is here.

It is no mystery why people in the United States suffer from some of the worst health on the planet. For all of our drugs to tame the symptoms of our illnesses, the World Health Organization rates the United States as 37th in all the nations for overall health and life satisfaction! There definitely is a better way to maintain health! In Europe, it is called the European Biological Medicine Network. In the United States, it is called American Biological Medicine.

This is a call to arms and a call to a better life, a defense against chaotic living and the illusionary “health” offered by pharmaceutical medicine… a nationwide revolution is here!

American Biological Medicine is the state of the science and state of the art in health and healing that can set your odometer to a slow spin of a joyful, healthy life, without toxic medications, and without the fear of gradual declining health in your later years.

Women are said to make 80% of the health care and life decisions for their families. You can only go as far as you have been taught, and you can only make good health care decisions if you know what is available.

Help us get true health reform by educating yourself about American Biological Medicine and do whatever you know to do to help it go viral.