Last blog I defined Optimum or Perfect Health so that we all can be on the same page when it comes to identifying the keys of getting to this state.

In an ideal world each generation would have taught the next generation optimum realities of understanding the concepts of universal love, the concepts of understanding how one truly gets what it is that they are getting, how to grow and eat energetically “live” food, and so much more.

The point is that we are all playing “catch up” for all the mistakes, and mistreatment, and misinformation that has gone on in our lives and in the lives of our ancestors.

So we must realize first that true healing is necessary no matter whom you are and no matter if you have symptoms or not!

I cannot stress enough the need to only use healing methods that work with the sole purpose of restoring God’s perfect design of you.

I like the term “Vessel” instead of “body” since most of us were taught that all we are is our physical body. We are definitely more than our physical body!

The keys to Optimum Health must open the locks of every door in our vessel. The world’s most celebrated and astute physicians cannot heal even the simplest paper cut, much less serious illness. So the job of every physician/healer must always be to identify everything within the body, mind, and spirit that are interfering with the human organism’s own ability to heal and provide it with the building blocks and information it needs restore optimum function and integrity on all levels.

The healing technologies we now have, such as American Biological Medicine™, BioResonance Scanning™, and Circuit Healing™, allow us to literally access the light information of the body (Illuminated Physiology and the Medical Uses of Light).

We can now flow dynamically through the crystalline matrix of the vessel and identify virtually any interference to optimum function within a person and go even further and actually identify the corrective building blocks and/or information the body needs to heal itself.