Many people make the New Year’s resolution to work out more. While exercising is good and we generally believe that when someone has well-defined muscles and a trim physique that they are healthy, the reality is quite different.

Very muscularly fit people are dying daily because while their muscles are rippling and they have six-pack abs, their organs and glands may be sick!

I have seen very physically beautiful people die a miserable death in just two months due to some illness they never knew they had.

As Dr. Jennifer Allen reported in her illuminating article “Criss Cross Crash Crisis”, seven of every ten people die prematurely in the United States!

It is sad that we have been sold the lie by the media that a beautiful body equals optimum health. I recommend you read Dr. Allen’s article to more fully understand what to do to be one of the three people in ten who live a long health, happy, prosperous, joy-filled life.

While having a fit physical body is definitely better than having a flabby, out of shape body, true health in the long run has very little to do with the “wrapper.” The saying, “Never judge a book by its cover” is true also of the human being.

I would also say, “Don’t judge your health on your good blood test.” We all know of many people who have every blood test known to man and are dying yet the blood tests reveal nothing. You are more than blood and it is not that good a way to determine what it wrong before the problems get out of control.

Thankfully now by using the leading-edge diagnostics and restorative science of American Biological Medicine you can finally find out what is going wrong in your body before it gets so bad that it is incurable and do something about it using techniques and therapies that work to restore your body, mind and spirit through natural means.

Make the resolution to not just be beautiful on the outside…be truly healthy from the inside out!