To listen to the giants in the dietary industry eating has become a very scientific endeavor. “Do eat this…Don’t eat that” has made many people numb to the whole eating-healthy craze.

While scientific research has helped us better understand what foods promote optimum health, the list of foods that should dominate your plate is much easier to remember than you might think.

Our Maker did not make eating to be rocket-science! However, science validates the honest truth behind one of the very first, written diets. In this case the word “diet’ doesn’t refer to a weight-loss diet, but refers simply to the way we should optimally eat all the time. The hands-down best diet dates back over 4000 years and was written by Divine inspiration.

Why do I feel I am qualified to make such strong opinions on diet? I have a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, a doctorate, I have travelled and trained in the healing arts all over the world, studied dietary science in post-graduate training, not mention the many books and publications I have read on the topic of eating to promote health. I have helped facilitate the successful restoration of health for thousands of people. All this to show how many years one can spend learning the “rocket-science” of eating!

Forget the Dictocrats of dietary rocket science.

Healthy eating is easy!

The book by Dr. Jordan Rubin titled, “ The Maker’s Diet” presents the oldest written diet that stands up to the rigors of science. The Maker’s diet wins hands down over a chemist’s kitchen.

The Maker’s Diet book, when combined with my other favorite book written by Sally Fallon, “Nourishing Traditions” give you the knowledge how to easily and successfully know without doubt how to eat without fear.

If you are reading this article then you are likely someone who is making more natural lifestyle and healthcare choices to help you and your family reach optimum health. Read these books and know for once that you know all that you need to know about eating.

You can be liberated from the fear and rocket-science of eating.

Bon Apetit!

Dr. David A. Jernigan is the founder of Biologix Center for Optimum Health in Wichita, Kansas. 615-680-9918

Dr. Jernigan is also the President of the American Biological Medicine Association.