Beauty is not skin deep, however the skin is integral to and a reflection of health!

Many of you have let me know that you have have problems with your nervous system. Did you know that your skin plays a large role in the health of your brain and nervous system?

Skin of humans is closely linked with the brain and nervous system, even more so than the more accepted gut brain axis.

Embryology tells us that early after the sperm/egg affair a round blastula forms that will ultimately become the fetus, however the blastoma must first differentiate into 3 layers. The 3 layers are Ectoderm, Mesoderm and Endoderm. The ectoderm is one uniform type of tissue that will differentiate into the brain, nerves and skin.

The mesoderm turns into muscles and organs and the endoderm transforms into the gut from mouth to anus.

So you see the skin, brain, and nerves are truly one integral system.

Often we talk about the healing touch or how when the sun hits our skin we feel good. Remember that the skin is covered in photo-receptors, much like the photoreceptors in the macula in retina of the eye, because the skin is bringing light of certain wavelengths into the body.

The skin photoreceptors filter the various wavelengths of sunlight into the body to be used as a nutrient to increase the energy/vitality of each tissue.

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the energy molecule that runs your body. A 100 pound person burns 40 pounds of ATP every day. To make energy from ATP your body breaks off one phosphate group and in doing so releases one photon of light and heat. This light and heat are what runs the body.

The skin is also balancing energy (light/heat) production inside of the body, with the loss of light/heat across the skin. The skin is releasing 1000-2000 photons per square centimeter of skin, per second…that is energy that if lost inappropriately, or not replenished appropriately, will result in draining the person, leading to cold/sclerotic, degenerative conditions.

Babies thrive from human skin contact and perish with out.

There are many other examples of the skin’s influence on brain, but also we see the brain’s influence on the skin when our emotions influence the skin turning the skin pale when we are afraid, and red when angered. Some people get hives when they get mentally stressed. Exciting situations give us goosebumps.

EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids), were in times past, always recommended for skin health and then later research revealed their importance for brain health. So at the Biologix Center, we have our massage therapists use a wide-range of types massage oils and ointments on the patients in order to bring a wider range of nutrients to the skin and nervous system than simply using a basic massage oil.

Skin flora like gut flora must be maintained as it predicts proper skin pH. People often get skin fungus from using antibacterial and heavily perfumed soap on their skin, not to mention the laundry detergents and toxic fabric softeners that leave chemical residues to be absorbed by the skin. All of these alter the friendly flora of the skin…and definitely if you have a sick skin you will always have a sick brain and nervous system.

The skin quality, color, tone, texture, thickness, and resilience, should be part of your doctor’s diagnostic assessment and can lead to a bigger understanding of what therapies will be required to truly restore health.

The skin/brain axis can’t be ignored.

Nutritive/Strengthen bath’s (from my Beating Lyme Disease book) should be used with regularity in situations where the skin is unhealthy from the inside-out as well as from the outside-in, as in chronic exposure to flora disrupting agents are in the midst like working in a factory with airborne toxins and such. Definitely have the person do Dry Skin Brushing before this bath in order to get the maximum benefit of the bath.

Daily hot water showering destroys/removes the bed for friendly flora and decreases numbers especially if toxic common soaps are used, not to mention the skin/body damaging effects of Chlorine and other municipal water stabilizers.

Focusing part of your treatments upon repairing/healing the skin is important, especially for people who are severely environmentally sensitive, electromagnetically sensitive, and those who are emphatically-challenged.

The skin is somewhat our protective barrier to what we take into our body energetically and physically.

Ideas for healing the skin:

– Silica Skin Powder (Uriel Pharmacy)
– Carbo/Chamomilla Capsules (Uriel)
– Dry Skin Brushing
– Nutritive/Strengthening baths
– Switching the person off of toxic soaps/lotions/Shampoo/conditioners…
– Warm baths and showers only…not hot
– EFA’s
– Vitality Refresh Vitamin D tanning bed
– Use various massage oils (Uriel Pharmacy)
– Grounding/Earthing daily
– Infrared Sauna – It is important to be sweating all over, instead of just parts of the body sweating.The best broad-spectrum Infrared saunas are the Sunlighten Saunas, un-treated basswood sauna, and emits virtually no harmful EMF pollution. Other manufacturers use plastic, cedar, hemlock and other materials that in the heat of the sauna can continue to out-gas chemical smells that can cause endocrine system interference, and often emit harmful amounts of EMF pollution. If you have a sauna already and are feeling badly while or after you sit in it, you might just be suffering from the dislodging of toxins in your body, however it could be that you are reacting to the wood or plastic of the sauna, or the emitted EMF. The specific sauna we use at the Biologix Center is the Sunlighten 6 person basswood broad-spectrum sauna, equipped with Chromotherapy, and Acoustic Resonance Therapy (ART) to achieve even deeper and more profound healing. The healing music played for the Acoustic Resonance therapy in the sauna is frequency-enhanced tones that have been shown to harmonically optimize the cellular and potentially genetic functioning. Often we use Michael Tyrrell’s Wholetones CD and have seen a “quantum leap” in our results. (Use 6-8 Ferrum Phos pillules and 6-8 Scorodite/Prunus pillules (Uriel Pharmacy) 15 minutes before getting into the sauna, again when they get in, and again 15 minutes after they have been in the sauna to repair the body’s ability to release sweat/toxins until they report whole body sweating)
– Get the gut flora balanced/cleansed, coffee enemas, probiotics, and nutritional support.
– Eat only live, organic foods. Live-Fermented foods.
– Drink Amasai (Beyond Organics) for better gut performance.
– If you live near the ocean, it might be good to soak in the ocean once a week.
– Obviously, the skin is also going to improve dramatically as you facilitate the total health restoration on all levels with everything you do.

If you wouldn’t eat it then don’t put it on your skin! Toxic skin means you have a toxic brain and nervous system.