A Message From Dr. Jernigan

To all of you searching for answers to your illness, first let me say to you that I am sorry you are sick. I and many of my family members have struggled with what felt like never-ending illness, injuries, and suffering, so I understand your grief and fears, wondering whether life will ever go back to normal. However, thankfully all of the suffering led me to innovate new ways to test the body and new ways to facilitate the return to optimum health.

Skepticism is warranted in today’s world, especially when it comes to healthcare and science. So many doctors and clinics say they can help. So many are selling the latest pill, protocol, or diet. What works for one often doesn’t work for the next person. The social media support groups are often full of embittered and opinionated “experts” or veterans of the group who champion their beliefs and doctor/gurus and slam others. Who do you believe?

The reality is that if your illness was easy to correct, then the previous doctors and treatment protocols you have tried would have worked.

Health insurance supports medicine for the masses. This form of medicine is a one-size-fits-all approach. I have experienced this type of medicine, having spent 30 consecutive days in a hospital as a younger man. I decided almost 30 years ago to break from the standard way of practicing the healing arts, even though it meant I would be unable to accept insurance coverage, since the insurance companies are set up to homogenize healthcare.

I know you would like to hear that we get everyone well. The reality is that we most often see people at the end of many years of chronic illness and we cannot undo all the damage that the illness and the previous treatment efforts have caused. I can say, however, that we are able to improve, and sometimes dramatically improve, the vast majority of people under our care, even when no previous treatments had made any improvement in their symptoms.

By now, you probably feel like there is a pill for everything, yet none that will fix you. You are likely correct. To truly heal, your doctor must be able to test and rapidly address everything that has gone wrong in your body. If you are chronically ill, then it is too late to just kill the infection and expect to have perfect health right away.

Killing the bugs, that is the bacteria, viruses, mold, and parasites, while good, most often does not repair the damage to the tissues and systems of the person with chronic illness. An example of this is seen with termites. If you find the termites early that are eating the wood of your house, then yes, killing the termites will let you continue living in a good house. However, if you don’t discover the termites for many years, then simply killing them, while obviously a good idea, will not repair the damage to the wood of your house and every storm has the ability to collapse your house.

I know this is a big investment in time and money, with no guarantees it will work. That reality places a huge amount of pressure upon me and all of our staff, to do all we can to make it money well spent. The clinics that some of our patients have been to before coming to us, are often six to ten times more expensive. We are not trying to be the most expensive, but to be the best.

People often wonder if we are claiming to cure people in our two-to-three-week programs of care. The answer is no. These are intensive programs of daily care, designed to provide the maximum applied science, thought and effort to restore the most optimum structural and functional integrity to your body, so that it has the best chance of healing. After weeks of daily testing and treatments, your body needs to spend time processing the many inputs and corrections at home. Some people experience dramatic improvements in these first few weeks, while others notice progressive improvements over the next weeks to months, and still others must return for further treatments to address even deeper issues.

If a person has not been sick for very long, then the restoration of health is often rapid. If a person has been sick for years, then it can take longer, however we have still seen rapid results in these types of cases.

Our clinic and staff are unique in that we are constantly pioneering new testing and treatment innovations in our pursuit of winning every case to the degree possible. I wish I could guarantee we will get you perfectly well, however even with our innovations we cannot make that guarantee. I can guarantee that we will do more than all of your previous doctors in our efforts to help your body heal.

Hold the faith and the hope.

Dr. David A. Jernigan

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