Whether one is dealing with treatment-resistant tick-borne illness, such as Lyme disease and its co-infections, Staph infections, or any other type of bacterial or mold illness, the lack of effectiveness of antibiotics, as well as people’s increasing inability to tolerate natural or prescription antibiotics, is leaving people with few options, leading to extreme and prolonged suffering. To make matters worse, many natural and prescription treatments put too much of a strain on the already profoundly weakened person. It appears there is an exciting new solution.

A new discovery recently made at Biologix Center for Optimum Health, may prove to be a viable solution to these “super-bug” and stealth microbe problems. Dr. David A. Jernigan recently developed a new technology which he calls Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT), the concept and results of which have been verified by three other doctors. If you want to learn more about phages the following link is a good video that shows how phages work, although it is featuring a different type of phage therapy.

Early lab results are very encouraging, not to mention never before seen improvements in our patients using this non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, Induced Native Phage Therapy. We are in the middle of ongoing testing, however the very real possibility is that all a type of bacteria can be completely eliminated within a week, with little to no herx reaction is what keeps us pursuing this new technology. Please click and read all of the hyperlinks in this article before going on a Google search, since most of the articles you will find via search engine are discussing laboratory-engineered phages that have little to do with INPT.

Natural Skepticism

Recently, a paper was published on just three cases of people with Lyme disease being treated with Disulfiram. No one even questioned it because it was a pharmaceutical. Many people subsequently have been helped, however many people could not tolerate the drug.

Something that sounds so fantastic, as in INPT, will naturally draw a bit of skepticism having not come from the mainstream medicine or an LLMD. Even though we have seen good results, with everyone tolerating the treatment, unfortunately, happy patients do not qualify as scientific fact, however they do provide proof of concept. We too want to see real laboratory proof, so we have set up a collaboration with a private non-profit Foundation to perform three Phelix Borrelia-Phage lab tests at no charge to our patients, in an effort to fully document this new concept in order to publish in peer-reviewed journal, the long-term elimination of the Borrelia. It initial article is anticipated to be published within the next four months.

These tests are the newest and most sensitive diagnostic tests available for detecting the presence of the Borrelia infection. We are doing three tests on each person who wants to participate. The first test is done a day or two after we start the INPT to increase the Borrelia phages attack on the Borrelia bacteria, and increase the likelihood of the test confirming that the person does indeed have Borrelia infection. The second test is done after two weeks to confirm the Borrelia are gone. The third test is 45 days after the second test to confirm the infection is truly gone long term.

How INPT is Different From All Other Bacteriophage Treatments

While INPT is based on the established science of bacteriophages, naturally-occurring viruses that only attack and kill bacteria. it is not like any other bacteriophage treatment offered anywhere else in the world. All of the other bacteriophage treatments are using bacteriophages isolated in a lab and put into the body of the patient. INPT is completely new science that seeks to induce bacteriophages already in the body to kill the target bacteria. While laboratory, genetically manipulated phages are being researched for all types of uses, INPT is not to be confused with these nanotechnologies.  INPT works with a natural phenomenon that occurs every second of every day in your body, phages killing bacteria.

Phages cause an estimated trillion-trillion bacterial infections every SECOND of the day. The difference being, normally the phages only kill about 40% of a type of bacteria, unless the conditions shift, in which the phages swarm and kill all of the type of bacteria they target. In this case we are causing Borrelia-phages to swarm and kill all of the Borrelia bacteria, or Bartonella, or Babesia, and so on.

Phages within your body, what we call native phages to contrast them from all the phages doctors might introduce into the body from outside source, are an under-appreciated, and largely unrecognized component of how your entire microbiome is regulated, parallel to your immune system. Without phages, even the good bacteria of your body would over-populate and start causing problems.

Safety of Bacteriophages

Bacteriophages, also known as phages, are a type of virus that does not infect human cells, and therefore are not the type that cause illness in people. In fact, every type of phage will only target and kill one type of bacteria, mold or other type of microbe. For example, a Lyme spirochete, Borrelia phage will only kill a Lyme spirochete, a Staph phage will only kill staph bacteria, an Aspergillus phage will only kill Aspergillus mold. If this were not enough, there is nowhere the bacteria and mold can hide from the phages, since the phages can even cross the blood-brain-barrier, the phages can get inside the cells of your body to kill the microbes hiding there, and the phages can even dissolve the biofilms with which some bacteria coat themselves for protection.

You might wonder why mainstream medicine is not using bacteriophages when the CDC reports over 2.8 million people in the United States alone are infected with antibiotic-resistant infections and 47,800 people are dying every year from antibiotic-resistant infections in the U.S. The reality is that externally-sourced bacteriophages are being used in other places in the world, however it is a person-specific therapy that requires the matching of known phages to the specific infection the person has and is therefore difficult to find a match for each person.

Again, INPT is different from any bacteriophage therapy used to date in that instead of working with phages isolated from outside sources, and introducing these into the body, INPT works to program the naturally occurring phages in everyone’s body to go an attack and kill whatever microbe is the worst, then we must determine the next worst type of bacteria and target specific native phages to attack and kill those bacteria, and so on.

It turns out that there are as many as 724 trillion cells in the human body. Estimates say there are a little more bacteria (1.3:1) than cells in the body.  So that means there are about 962 trillion bacteria in the average person. Almost a quadrillion bacteria sounds like a lot until you consider that there are as many as 100 times more native (naturally-occurring) phages in your body than bacteria! This means that in the healthy human body there are approximately 96.2 quadrillion phages of many types!

The hypothesis behind INPT was that it should be possible to stimulate native phages, phages that already exist in everyone’s body, with the perfect combination of specific extremely low frequencies (ELF) so they become activated to attack and kill the target bacteria. These strategic frequencies would be selected to only activate the one type of phage that will naturally kill the type of bacteria being targeted, such as a Borrelia-specific phage to kill the specific strain of Borrelia making the person sick. INPT appears to have been successful at clearing every type of microbe targeted to date.

According to the research of Louis Teuleires, PhD, of R.E.D Laboratories, the presence of native Borrelia-specific phages is the basis for their highly sensitive Phelix Phage Borrelia test, a test that is much more sensitive at detecting any stage of infection from early to late stage Lyme disease. The Phelix Borrelia test is a much more sensitive than any other testing for Lyme and tick-borne diseases test because instead of looking for circulating antibodies, of which there are often very few, and instead of looking for the DNA of Borrelia, which is not often found in significant quantities in the blood, the Phelix test is looking for the Borrelia-specific phages. These phages attach to the Borrelia and insert their phage DNA into the bacteria to cause the Borrelia to replicate more phages. This eventually kills the Borrelia bacteria. If there are no Borrelia remaining, then the Borrelia-specific phages eventually fade into the background of the virome of the body.

(The Phelix Borrelia Test is only offered at one lab where the test was developed, but it can be ordered from anywhere in the world at this link: R.E.D. Laboratory, however INPT is only available at the Biologix Center, where it was developed. R.E.D. Lab and the Biologix Center are separate entities with no association or financial conflicts of interest.)

It would appear that many of the types of phages, such as the Borrelia-specific phages, are essentially farming the bacteria, using them to replicate. INPT is thought to cause the phages to stop farming and just kill all of their specific bacteria.

INPT appears to be working better than anyone anticipated. The activated phages are working so efficiently that sensitive in-house testing used to help identify a person’s worst type of infection, as well being used to determine the pre-and-post treatment population count of the targeted microbe, shows the bacterial count is going to zero usually within 3-5 days. Contrast this with people being treated for years with numerous antibiotics. The rapidity of clearance was quite unexpected, yet other types of phage treatments offered in other countries have also reported rapid improvements as well, sometimes within two days. Although these adjunctive sensitive tests are not part of conventional medical testing, and therefore cannot be used as a primary diagnosis, their use for over 25 years and clinical confirmatory results lend strong confidence in the test results.

While maintaining a cautious optimism, these early indicators are encouraging. In that only extremely subtle frequencies are being introduced into the body, much weaker frequencies than the frequencies transmitted into the body from the use of cell phones and laptops, there are no ethical or physiological concerns with offering INPT to anyone of any age and condition who is interested in receiving this new technology.

Other Benefits of INPT:

  • INPT does not tax an already strained immune system. As a matter of fact, it does not require the participation of the patient’s body at all, the phages do all the work, which is a good thing since the body of many chronically infected people are too sick to contribute much towards the killing of the microbes.
  • Less Herx-reactions
  • Rapid elimination of the bacteria
  • The frequencies seem to only influence the bacteria-specific phages without interfering with other body functions or other friendly microbes.
  • Nothing chemical, as in medications, homeopathics, or botanicals are used, eliminating the common possibility of allergic or toxic reactions making the person worse.
  • Many will be happy to hear that the delivery of the frequencies does not involve needles.

INPT has already been used with apparent success with the following bacteria:

  • MRSA
  • Borrelia species (Lyme spirochetes)
  • Borrelia persistor cysts
  • Babesia microti
  • Bartonella bacilliformis
  • Bartonella hensellae
  • Ehrlichia (IGE and IGM)
  • E. coli
  • H. Pylori
  • C. Diff.
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Strep pneumoniae
  • Haemophillus influenza bacteria

INPT has also had apparent success with the following mold and yeast issues:

  • Aspergillus
  • Cladosporum
  • Penicillium
  • Rhizophus
  • Rhodotorula
  • Candida tropicalis
  • Candida pseudotropicalis
  • Candida albicans

These clinical successes were all part of a multi-prong approach unique to the treatment programs at the Biologix Center. Because of its very recent discovery and implementation, INPT is only available at the Biologix Center. This is not a pill or bottle that can be purchased. It requires the person to be tested, treated, and monitored while undergoing this procedure, since the phages must be modified every day, and as the worst microbe is successfully eliminated, the next worst microbe must be targeted, then the next…

Due to way bacteriophages kill bacteria, literally exploding them where they sit, there is not the usual horrible die-off symptoms typical of antibiotic treatment. However many different measures are taken to help minimize any Jarisch-Herxheimer symptoms that may occur. Because of the way the bacteriophages kill the bacteria and due to these proactive measures  symptoms experienced by people undergoing INPT have been generally well-tolerated and of short duration.

It must be understood that while potentially eliminating all of the bad bacteria through any means, while a significant treatment goal, it will not correct the damaged and dysregulated systems and metabolic pathways. This is why everyone receiving INPT is placed on a one to three-week, intensive program, which is tailored to the individual and designed to facilitate the restoration of optimum structural and functional health on all levels. The goal is not just to help the body clear out all of the bad bacteria, but to restore health and quality of life.

INPT is simply an extension of known science. It is not a belief system. It does not require a person to believe it will work and appears to require no contribution of the person’s body, since INPT is only activating the phages to do the heavy lifting.

Efforts are currently underway to collaborate with an advanced phage laboratory in the U.S. and Europe to verify what we are seeing clinically.

Due to the lack of coverage of these programs, we cannot accept any insurance, however we do have zero-interest rate financing, as well as financial aid through a non-profit Foundation for those with financial distress.

To read more about phage therapy please read: Bacteriophages: Bacterial Assassins

To read more about why INPT does not cause as severe a Herx reaction as other treatments please read: Faster Killing of Lyme Spirochetes with Less Herx