Since the 1990’s I have been one of the first doctors to take a stand against using severe Herxheimer reactions as guide and indication of “good” treatment.

When a doctor uses a natural or pharmaceutical antibiotic to kill some Lyme spirochetes in a person, there is often a resultant Jarisch- Herxheimer reaction (Herx) — a worsening of the patient’s symptoms in response to the increased release of bacterial die-off toxins. The toxins are deposited into the bloodstream and are circulated throughout the body.

These toxins damage tissues in the body and are one of the primary reasons that symptoms can persist even after the actual crisis of Lyme and coinfections are gone; the toxin-damage can remain as an irritant in the tissues for years.

In truth, a severe Herxheimer reaction is a sign of poor elimination pathway drainage, poor organ and tissue support. All efforts should be made by your doctor to avoid these severe herx reactions!

The body of most chronic Lyme sufferers is a toxic dump to start with; if the doctor does not get the pathways of elimination open and working, the body gets even more toxic when the bacteria begin to die and their toxins release.

Even with the most skillful treatment program a person might experience worsening of symptoms, however it is barbaric for a doctor to feel their job is just to administer antibiotics and let the chips fall where they may in the way of horrible herx reactions.

I have heard from many people that their LLMD told them at the beginning of their treatment to, “Expect to feel horrible for the first 5 years or more of treatment, after which you might start feeling better!”

The person with chronic Lyme disease has already suffered enough and does not need to go through a Herx just to prove they have Lyme disease!

In my opinion, it is unnecessary and unethical for a doctor to want and expect their patients to feel worse for years as an indication of good treatment. All it requires of them is to get more training, so they can do more than simply push antibiotics.

Just say NO to herx’s!

When you are looking for an “LLMD,” your first question to the doctor should be, “How will you know the treatment is working?” If they say, “I will know because you will start feeling worse, due to a Herx reaction,” I would suggest you find a new doctor.

Insist on a better, whole body treatment plan!

The ideal doctor is not a specialist in diseases, but one who understands disease, yet specializes in restoring what is optimum. Please call and talk with one of our Patient Care Coordinators.