By Dr. David Jernigan

Using an innovative technology called, Biospectral Emission Sequencing (BES), doctors at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, Tennessee have made an interesting discovery in people with Autism, PANS, and PANDAS that may help explain another under-appreciated and untreated aspect of these conditions.

Although greatly debated, the connection of vaccine-induced injury as a cause of the now 1 in 36 children being diagnosed with Autism, can no longer be ruled out.

Professionally and clinically, the debates and arguments surrounding these conditions is secondary to what we feel is true, which seems to be confirmed with the patient gets well from treatments designed to undo the injuries. However, these arguments are especially unfortunate for parents, leaving them feeling lost and unsupported in what they know to be true, that their child was progressing normally through childhood, until a vaccine was given and their entire world turned upside down.

Where the rubber meets the road is how are we going to undo what has been done. Before we go into treatments, it must be understood that the influence of vaccines extends beyond just affecting the person who gets the vaccines, but also predisposes their offspring to having problems. This is called an epigenetic miasm. Surrounding the strands of DNA in a person’s body are 4 million epigenetic switches that regulate the expression of your DNA. Vaccines and the illnesses a person experience in their lifetime alter the orientation of these switches, changing all of the genetic expression, down to the sperm, which upon conception transfers that epigenetic situation to the forming fetus.

An epigenetic miasm is the tendency or predisposition to various emotional, mental, and physical issues that are set in motion by illness and vaccines experienced by your ancestors, going back seven generations. Notice, the epigenetic miasm is a tendency or predisposition, not a guaranteed situation. In order for the issues to arise in the person, the right, or in this case the wrong thing must be experience to highlight that tendency, such as a child with an inherited tendency to problems from vaccines and/or illness in their previous family generations, when receiving a vaccination, triggers their predisposition and Autism is diagnosed. It requires many and varied treatments and therapies in order to change epigenetic miasms, however it is possible.

Generational and Acquired Infections and Heavy Metals

The realities are that there are very real damaging issues that must be addressed, beyond these epigenetic miasms. There are metal toxins from the environment and from some vaccines, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, fluoride, bromide, and others that must be carefully removed from the brain and body of Autistic children.

Our interesting finding: Many people do not understand that many vaccines are live-attenuated (weakened) versions of the microbes they are attempting to help the body fight off. So the MMR (Mumps/Measles/Rubella) vaccine has live versions of these three viruses, as does DTaP (Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis). In that these live vaccines were developed in the 1960’s, there is the possibility that as many as three generations in a family have active infections of these viruses that are possibly passed on to the fetus in the womb. Each generation progressively is predisposed to ever increasing viral loads and subsequent infection…called Autism. Check out the load and variety of viruses in this link of a study of over 8000 people in this peer-reviewed study, many of which the viruses found in their blood were not identified,many of which were identified, increasing the possibility of these live vaccine viruses in the body.

After treating kids for over 25 years with Autism, it was only recently that it occurred to me that in Autism/PANDAS/PANS we may be seeing an actual infectious disease that everyone is calling autoimmune. The epiphany of “what if” started me on a clinical quest to determine if killing the vaccine-versions of these viral infections would result in the improvement of symptoms in Autism.

This is where Biospectral Emission Sequence (BES) testing was implemented and confirmed the presence of active infections. Thankfully armed with this knowledge of which infectious microbes were present, we were able to utilize one of our latest innovations called, Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT), developed in late 2019, in order to target just the desired types of microbes, and enlist the help of phages that already exist within the patient’s body to kill the microbes. In the first patient INPT was implemented, the patient reported that he felt like he was more in his body and could control his body better. The stimming was quite reduced, and he could track movements with his eyes, something he could not do previously. All of this improvement occurred within two weeks of treatments, and has continued now for over a month.

Could it be that what we have all thought was an autoimmune response was actually an actual immune response to these vaccine viruses?

As exciting as these early results are, it must be kept in mind that it is just one case. We also addressed everything else we normally would in these type cases, such as performing our in-house EEG brain-mapping and balancing of the brainwave patterns, addressing the toxins, addressed the environmental hypersensitivities of the mast cells, addressed the biochemical pathways, such as those responsible for metabolizing the neurotransmitters, synchronizing the brain and heart, correcting the biophotonic intercellular communications, and so much more, all in our one to two week programs of care.

It is Divine inspiration, the perpetual pursuit of knowledge, and the willingness to think outside of the box that leads to every advancement in healthcare and life.

We will continue to press on with this work and publish more of our findings as we find them. In the meantime, keep the faith and hope for a better tomorrow for your child and your family.

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