Fractal Frequency Modulation™ (FrFM) 

Conventional medicine, and more so natural medicine talk about treating the causes of illness. The problem is that most often they are treating problems which are the result of deeper bioregulatory issues than can be reached by pharmaceuticals and natural supplements. These deeper issues cannot be detected by blood tests or special imaging, both of which simply reveal the physical manifestation of these deeper problems.

Fractal medicine is an emerging science opening up a new form of analysis with the goal of identifying fractal asymmetries in the macro and micro systems of the body, including within the bio-electromagnetic information regulation of the structure and function of every cell, tissue, and metabolic process in the human body.  A unique aspect of fractals in the human body is that when viewed in the larger view of organs and tissues is that no matter how small your view becomes, all the way down to the DNA and the even the electromagnetics of the body, the same fractals are still manifested. Essentially the microscopic view mirrors the macroscopic view.

The primary concept of FrFM is that bioenergetic fractal asymmetries are causing the tissue fractal asymmetries and malfunctions in the body’s bioenergetic regulation system through the DNA and beyond into the tissues.  Through specialized testing, called Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing, the bioenergetic fractals at the core of the structural fractals can be tested for asymmetries that are causing the physiological problems in the tissues.

The theory is that tissues are formed by the self-organizing, bioenergetic aspects of the body. These bioenergetic signatures are the organizing principle that determine the arrangement of the nucleotides in the DNA, which thereby encodes what becomes the human body in its totality. Mutations in the genetics result in detectable fractal asymmetries that lead to less than optimal physical performance.

The FrFM systems appear to enable an adjunctive technology for the rapid detecting and differentiating of the fractal issues reflecting or manifesting throughout bio-constituents of complex systems in the human body in order to provide unambiguous identification and accurate quantification of first-line enzymes, as well as the detection of aberrant fractal disturbances in foundational biological processes.

Ultimately through the utilization of Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing to detect problems at their energetic origins, strategic treatments can be identified that will correct the fractal symmetry, enabling the body to restructure itself to the new fractal and correct the dysfunctions that lead to illness.

Illness of any type is a manifestation of fractal asymmetry in the body. Fractal symmetry is the manifestation of optimum health.

Like so many other serious illnesses, there is no at-home protocol and you must be tested and treated in the clinic. Trust me, it would be way easier and more lucrative for me to say, “Buy my amazing anti-histamine remedy” like so many other internet doctors.

What I developed, that finally worked, is a new concept in all of medicine called Fractal Frequency Modulation™ (FRFM). The theory behind FRFM detects fractal asymmetries down to the level of the genes, enabling our doctors to target strategic treatments to the exact issue, providing the body with the building blocks and restorative frequency information to restore fractal symmetry, not just physically in the tissues, but also in the body’s electromagnetic regulatory system as well.

The picture attached to this article is medical science’s latest understanding of the true fractal nature and complexity of human DNA. From the organs and tissues to the software that runs the body, it all can be seen as physical and energetic fractals. Health is the manifestation of fractal symmetry throughout the body. Disease by any name is the result of fractal asymmetry.

FRFM has now helped many people. Just last week, a mother and son, who had already traveled several times from another state to the Biologix Center, for the best treatments we could offer at the time, became symptom free this week, using the new abilities of FRFM! Their severe headaches, joint and muscle pain all went away…not from masking the symptoms, but from finally opening up the blocked metabolic pathways, restoring fractal symmetry.

The only way to address the complex illnesses of this day and age, is to correct the many possible combinations of problems, and provide the body with the ability to finally start producing the many enzymes involved in methylation, neurotransmitter function, cytokines, and histamine regulation.

This article is quite extensive, but suffice it to say that histamine related problems can create an incredible range of symptoms. It might be one chronic symptom or many symptoms. If you would like to be tested and treated at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Wichita, KS, contact us at the number listed at the bottom of this article. Healing is most often a process, not an event.

Your unique issues can be likened to a complex combination lock on a bank vault door, behind which your health is being locked up. To make things tougher the combination is changed dynamically in response to incorrect attempts to unlock it, getting more complicated with each incorrect entry. In my mind, FRFM seems to access the body’s computer system to help the doctor stop guessing, stop doing incorrect treatments, and progressively, over daily treatments for 1-3 weeks, get the vault door to your health to open.

Fractal Fequency Modulation™ can be used on any illness, not just for the issues discussed here.

You don’t need to read this exhaustive article on the intricacies of histamine-related issues if you already know you want to come get started with FRFM, but if that option is not available for you, then reading about avoiding the known aggravating factors and the possible beneficial remedies itemized in this article, will be of definite benefit.

The Science of FRFM

Restoring optimum fractal symmetry goes far beyond providing the body with regular exercise, a healthy diet, nutrition, and nutraceuticals, although these are important issue. In theory, any inappropriately taken medication, or natural supplement creates fractal asymmetries in the structural and electromagnetic physiology and morphology.

The entire body is made up of fractal symmetries, from its physical attributes of the tissues to the subsequent electromagnetic frequency signatures emitted based upon their unique molecular structures, not to mention the coherent and dynamic adaptive flow of regulatory biophotonic information found throughout the liquid-crystalline matrix of the human body, indeed across the EMF spectrum of the body. It is almost like saying a drop of rain falling into the ocean is not the ocean, but it is the ocean. None of the structural, genetic, and bioenergetic aspects within the human body are independent from the entirety of the fractal codes, that in health create symmetry. Electromagnetic regulatory symmetry flows through the physical tissues in optimum health.

It is well recognized that DNA guides and directs the self-organizing and self-regulating attributes of the body, yet there is something even deeper than DNA. One might say that the fractal bioenergetic “software” plays its song through the instrument which is DNA.

The theory behind FrFM is based upon research that seems to indicate that there is a wide frequency range of interaction with subtle electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and the 3 billion base pairs in the DNA and 4 million epigenetic switches that when isolated and challenged can set up resonances of asymmetrical problem areas that can be detected via Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing (BES). It appears that BRS can then be used to identify corrective frequencies which when introduced can help the body restore optimal bioenergetic fractal symmetry, leading to correction of the identified primary physical problems.

DNA itself has two characteristics of a fractal antenna, electronic conduction, and when functioning optimally, its electromagnetic self-symmetry.

Optimum change is expected with the addition of NeuroPhotonic Therapy (NPT) and NeuroCardial Synchronization (NCS).

FRFM Resonator-assisted Sensing

A resonator, as well as a metamaterial polarity modulation resonator (MPMR), which has a near-zero refractive index, can boost up the body’s naturally weak biophotonic emissions to enable much greater detection of fractal asymmetries. One or both of these biophotonic sensing devices may be used in FrFM.

The MPMR when combined with FrFM appears to enable precise tuning of frequencies from specific fractal photonic information held in the coherent biophotonic light emitted by the targeted issue in body. This enables more precise functional assessment and corrections to be determined that will enable the restoration of the self-regulating aspects of the body that will in turn restore fractal symmetry and functional integrity.

In theory, this technology could someday be able to isolate fractal asymmetries from global and specific genetic mutations, enabling them to be targeted for correction by electromagnetic and other established DNA self-repair mechanisms. It is expected that addressing genetic issues with an overall perspective will minimize the problems seen when specific mutations are targeted.

Yang Li, Ph.D. in the Nature Photonics journal reports, that “Light doesn’t typically like to be squeezed or manipulated but this metamaterial permits us to manipulate light from one chip to another, to squeeze, bend, twist and reduce diameter of a beam from the macroscale to the nanoscale,” said Eric Mazur, the developer of the zero refraction metamaterial. “This on-chip metamaterial opens the door to exploring the physics of zero index and its applications in integrated optics. It’s a remarkable new way to manipulate light.”


Fractal Medicine: Fractals are complex patterns that show the same details at different scales. This means you can zoom into a fractal and find the same pattern deeper and deeper.

In medicine, symmetrical fractals are indicative of health. Asymmetrical fractals are found in diseased systems.

Frequency: Frequency is the term used to explain the rate at which all things vibrate. All matter is energy. Everything has a vibration frequency, an electromagnetic signature, which can be measured in Hertz (Hz). In that everything in the physical world is frequency, there is always an electromagnetic frequency signature based upon the physical characteristics of the substance. Changing the frequency necessarily changes the physical characteristics of the substance in living systems. The reverse is also true, that if one changes the physical characteristics it necessarily changes the frequency signature.

Modulation: the exertion of a modifying or controlling influence on something.

Frequency Modulation: frequency modulation results in a translation of the spectrum of the integral of the baseband signal to a band surrounding the desired carrier frequency.


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