I was at a Lyme conference with about 60 medical doctors. It was interesting to hear most, if not all of them, agree that prescription antibiotics are not a good long-term solution.

They were all looking to discontinue using antibiotics altogether, and were moving to natural medicine to find a better treatment philosophy and better solutions for their patients. Unfortunately health care, and especially regarding the treatment of people with Lyme disease, is not a precise science.

Truthfully, there may be a time where antibiotics are appropriate, such as at the early stages. The struggle is to know when to use them, when to stop, and when to not use them at all.

For all of mainstream medicine’s reams of literature, high-tech hospitals, lab tests, and research, when it comes to actual treatment, options in their tool box is quite limited to drugs like antibiotics, that were never intended to be taken long term.

For instance, there are only a dozen at most of generally recognized prescription antibiotics in the arsenal of medicine. So once your doctor has tried the primary four antibiotics, then it becomes rotations and switching to I.V. antibiotics to essentially beat the body into the submission of remission…remission is a temporary pause of symptoms, meaning the disease will come back within weeks to months after discontinuing the antibiotics.

The doctors at this conference were aware that antibiotics will only kill up to 85% of the target bacteria, leaving the remaining 15% mutated, antibiotic-resistant, and potentially more virulent.

I have heard so many people say, “I would be happy for any remission!” However, the point of these health tips is to help open your mind to other possibilities, to open to the idea of actual health restoration instead of bombing the bacteria into more drug-resistant, shape-shifting nightmares of the
microbial world.

The medical doctors at the conference were forced to look for better options, by their own words, because of the poor record they were getting with massive amounts of antibiotics. These doctors looked to the natural medicine treatment philosophy because of the great results some of their patients were reporting from going to doctors who do not use antibiotics.

Most doctors find a pharmaceutical or natural protocol they like and use it on everyone. Some get well and some don’t. Even at the Biologix Center…some get well and some don’t, however almost all make improvements that none of their previous doctor’s treatments could achieve. Antibiotic-induced remission almost always occurs after a long, horrible, herx-ridden battle, then months to years later the illness returns with a vengeance. The medical doctors at this conference said they could no longer subject their patients to that torture when people were often getting quicker and better results in the long-term using the healing philosophies of natural medicine.

No one thinks they will go through the horror of chemo-therapy for cancer and come out the other side a healthier person. No one can go through years of only antibiotic treatment and come out the other side healthier.

With proper guidance of a health care professional trained in natural medicine philosophy can often help you restore optimum so that you can come out the other side healthier than when you started.

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