The world has changed quite a bit since I first started researching and helping people with Lyme disease (Borreliosis) in the 1990’s. In those days, almost no one even considered Lyme disease as a possible diagnosis for so many chronic illnesses, especially if the person did not live in the New England states, where Lyme disease (LD) was first identified, just ten years prior to me becoming a doctor.

I treated the first three CDC-confirmed cases of LD in my state in the mid-western United States, and over the last 25 years I have treated over 10,000 people.

The biggest hurdle by far over these many years has been convincing people and their doctors that they did indeed have LD. The lab testing was so very poor that it required the doctor to do several types of Lyme tests to hopefully get at least one of the tests to confirm LD. Very often, even with a strongly positive test, the patient would go back to their primary physician and show them the positive test result, and the physician would most often say, I don’t know what illness you have, but it is not Lyme disease! The shocking aspect of this was none of the lab tests that the physician ordered had come back positive for anything, so why not acknowledge the one test that came back positive?

Thankfully, education on the global prevalence of Lyme Borreliosis in almost every type of chronic illness, has increased awareness in the minds of people and physicians, although the laboratory testing was painfully lacking in accuracy, and required several types of tests to arrive at a solid diagnosis.

A Real Game-Changer Lab Test

Such was the situation in the world, right up to 2019 when a true game-changer lab test was introduced, the Phelix Borrelia-Phage Test, by R.E.D. Laboratories.

Finally, with the Phelix Borrelia-Phage Test, a physician could know with a certainty never possible before, if their patient did indeed have Lyme Borreliosis, whether it was early in the infection, or many years after the initial infection. Not only does this test confirm a patient is positive, but it will actually list the exact type of Borrelia strain or multiple strains that the person has in their body.

The Phelix test is so sensitive that it eliminates the wonder, after a course of treatment, if a person’s symptoms are just the residual damage of the infection, or if the person is still infected and the treatment did not work.

For the last quarter century, physicians have incorrectly proclaimed that a simple, two-week course of Doxycycline is all that is needed to “cure” Lyme Borreliosis. With the Phelix Borrelia-Phage Test, this myth has been completely debunked, as almost 100% of people we have tested, most who were also treated with a wide-range of long-term antibiotics, have been found still infected.

If you have any undiagnosed symptoms, especially if none of your previous types of lab test have shown anything is wrong, I would highly recommend that you be tested with the Phelix Borrelia-Phage Test. Borrelia bacteria come in many types, and can cause ME, MS, ALS, and virtually any symptom that can be named, affecting both the body and the mind.

Get the right diagnosis, so you can get the right treatment and you can get back to living a healthy life.


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