The discovery of bacteriophages, or phages, dates back to 1917, over a decade before the discovery of penicillin. Phages are naturally occurring viruses that only infect bacteria, but not human cells. When everything works correctly in phage therapy, this bacterial phage infection can completely kill all of a bacterial infection more rapidly than even the best antibiotics. The ease, low cost of production and effectiveness of penicillin and the many subsequent types of antibiotics shelved the use of phages in most parts of the world. Until recently, the process of finding phages that will work for each person’s infection was time and money consuming.

Now after almost exactly a century of antibiotic use, bacteria have become more and more resistant to even the best antibiotics. What used to be easy infections to deal with have now become super-bugs. The CDC reports that there are more than 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections in the United States each year. Medical science now is turning once again to phages to fight these super-bug infections, which the CDC is calling, “a serious global health threat

The therapeutic use of phages has become the subject of much research by the leading biotech companies. In late 2019 one of the most significant discoveries in this field of work was that every bacterial infection is itself already infected by phages. This discovery led to the idea that these specific phages could be induced to kill the bacteria by controlling the phage’s epigenetic switches. It was these initial discoveries that led to the development of Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT).

The technology of INPT is the first of its kind in the world, in that it was the first technology to recognize and utilize phages that entered the body when the person first became infected with an invading bacterium. All other phage technologies seek to find phages from nature outside of the body that can be used therapeutically when introduced into the body to kill a bacterial infection.

It is a little known fact that there are approximately 10 billion phages in just 1 ml of saliva from a healthy person. Native phages greatly outnumber all the cells in your body, including the many trillions of bacteria that make up the healthy body’s microbiome, by several magnitudes. On the planet, phages are so prevalent that if they were the size of grains of sand, they would completely cover the earth and be 50 miles deep! Anywhere there are bacteria, there will be phages, because phages depend on bacteria to act as a surrogate “mother” to reproduce more phages.

Native phages are those found living inside the human body, passed on from the mother in the womb, acquired from the environment, or from bacteria which entered the body already themselves infected with phages. A unique thing about phages is that each type of phage will only infect a certain type of bacteria. Staph bacteria will only be infected by Staph-phages. Strep bacteria will only be infected by Strep-phages. Borrelia, Bartonella, C. Diff, and so on each have their own type of phage that will infect them and kill them.

The hypothesis behind INPT is that specific subtle electromagnetic signatures delivered to the body can activate epigenetic changes in specific and strategic native phages causing them to switch from lysogenic to lytic activities, thereby eliminating all of their host bacteria. Repeated laboratory testing and clinical results seem to validate this new concept.

Setting Healthy Expectations of INPT

INPT is an emerging technology that is being studied to identify its limitations and to advance and improve the science. Whether using antibiotics or using phages, it is a battle taking place in the patient’s body. With phage treatment the battle is between phages and the bacteria. As in any true battle between armies, the terrain often determines which side wins. The terrain of the person’s body is what set the stage for the bacterial infection to cause illness from the beginning. Without the right conditions of the body’s terrain, the bacteria often cannot cause illness.

No one should enter phage treatment without the awareness that it is truly a battle occurring within their body. The outcome is not at all a given that phages will always win. From the beginning of time, bacteria and phages have been battling it out in nature. It is said that phage kill 40% of all the bacteria on the planet every day, as there are a trillion-trillion bacterial phage infections every second of every day. Most of these phages infecting bacteria are injecting their host bacteria with a bit of the phage DNA, which gets incorporated into the bacteria’s DNA, causing the bacteria to start reproducing more phages, since phages, being viruses, cannot self-replicate.

The battle between phages and bacteria have forced both sides to develop defenses against attack. The gene-editing technology called CRISPR-cas that promises to lead to the cure for genetic illnesses, is in fact a defense mechanism developed by bacteria to defend against phage attacks. Retrons are another defense mechanism used by bacteria to combat phages.

The early results with INPT have been very promising on a wide-range of bacterial infections, however as in any battle, the terrain is often damaged to the point that other types of bacteria can move in and establish themselves. Your body is the battle field. The terrain of your body determines whether battles continue to occur. An example of this is seen when a person has a deep cut in their skin. Until the time of the cut, the healthy skin repelled all bacterial infections. Once cut, the terrain is perfect for infection. If one kills the infection with phages, yet does not heal the cut, it is just a matter of time before another bacterial infection invades. The presence of bacteria on the skin did not cause the cut in the skin, the cut sets up the terrain for infection and the terrain determines whether or not a person gets well or continues to struggle with illness.

Chronic Illness is More Than Infections

There are only four different ways that the body’s terrain can lead to infection and illness. The first is from structural problems. These are problems found in the physical tissues of the body, such as the cut in the analogy above. Second are chemical problems, such as imbalances in the hormones, neurotransmitters, and all of the other metabolic pathways, not to mention environmentally-acquired toxins and the collective microbiome and phageome of the body. Third are stressors such as mental and emotional strain, and electromagnetic challenges which can alter epigenetic expression of the person’s DNA. Fourth are bioregulatory and Bioenergetic issues, which can be likened to computer software that coordinates every aspect of the person’s life.

All four of these issues set the terrain and determine whether prolonged infection and illness occur. Every illness known to man can be found to be caused by these four issues. Simply having a potentially pathological bacteria in your body does not mean you will develop an illness from that bacteria. Conversely, simply killing an infection, by any means, does not heal the proverbial cut that let the infection cause disease in the first place.

Many people are greatly disappointed after even apparent successfully eliminating their infection with phages or with INPT to find that they still do not feel any better. Of course, many people do feel better and go on to lead normal lives. It should be very clear that the structural, chemical, stress, and bioregulatory damage is what is creating the symptoms of illness.

A perfect analogy for this is to consider a house with termites. If you find the termites before they have done much damage to the wood of your house then killing the termites enables you to rest easy knowing your house will not fall down. If on the other hand, the termites are not discovered until they have been eating through the wood, causing extensive damage, then simply killing the termites, while definitely a good thing, will not fix the “illness” in your house, and any storm may blow your house down.

While there are acute infectious bacteria which can cause disease in almost any person, regardless of their healthy terrain, most chronic or prolonged illness from infections and the resulting symptoms is absolutely due to the terrain enabling the infections to persist. Killing the bacteria, while good, yet not correcting the terrain, may not lead to long term restoration of health.

Many people fighting chronic infections have been told by their physician that they will be well when the doctor can kill all of their infection. When the most sensitive lab testing has shown that phages have killed all of the targeted infection, usually within a week, we see that if the damage to the tissues and systems of the body are not also simultaneously addressed, that the person may improve, but not be truly well. A person also can be reinfected repeatedly until the terrain is changed.

Stealth Bacteria

There are many more complexities, such as researched and published in the Nobel-laureate, Lida Mattman‘s pinnacle textbooks called, Cell-Wall Deficient Forms: Stealth Pathogens. This textbook presents research onbacterial pleomorphism (shape-shifting), and bacterial persister cells, both of which can evade even the most clever antibiotic and phage treatments. Bacteria can lose their cell wall, literally changing their shape to escape the treatments. When the antibiotic or phage treatments are stopped these shape-shifting bacteria revert back to their normal shape leading to renewed infection and symptoms. A doctor can do everything right and the treatment phages can eliminate all the classic forms of the target bacteria, only weeks to months later be found to still have more of the classic bacteria when these shape-shifting bacteria shift back into their normal shape…when the terrain is ripe for them to thrive.

Although not a stealth issue, another complexity is that many types of bacteria occur in dozens of strains. Each strain has it’s own type of phage that uses it as a host. If a specific strain goes undetected by the doctor’s best testing, then killing all of the other strains of that type bacteria will not necessarily kill that one strain…and the battle goes on to the bewilderment of the doctor and an the chagrin of the patient.

By now, you can understand more clearly that chronic multi-microbe infections are a battle with many complexities. In chronic illnesses, there are always dozens of microbes that could potentially be involved in the battle, all enabled by the problems in the person’s terrain.

Striving for Optimum Health

What is optimum health? Optimum health is that point where the structural and functional integrity of the body, mind, and spirit is maintained in such a way that the human being can effectively respond, address, and adapt instantly and correctly to any challenge from its internal and external environment.

The goal of treatment should be to restore the most optimum structural and functional integrity, by assisting and enabling the body to heal and maintain health.

A good way to think is that the body is the carpenter and the medicines and treatments are the nails, screws, hammers, and saws that the carpenter needs to make the repairs. Many people seem to think the medicines are do the healing, however if you must continually take a medication forever in order to feel good, then you know that it is not truly fixing anything. True healing never seeks to mask the symptoms, since that would defeat the point of truly healing.

Another mistaken thought is that money buys you health at your doctor’s office. This will set you up for disappointment. Money buys your doctor’s best effort to undo what has occurred in your body. This unhealthy mindset and the resulting disappointment if every treatment fails, is understandable, however it is much better to approach any new treatment program with a realistic expectation and face the reality that due to the limitations of healing scientific knowledge, the doctor may be doing the most cutting edge technologies and still not be able to give you health. If your illness were easy then your previous doctors and all of the natural supplements you bought off the internet would have already fixed everything.

The innovation of new phage technologies taking place around the world in many laboratories and biotech companies is indeed exciting. The wins are often beyond anything possible to date. Reporting these exciting wins is important both for health care professionals and for the public, to stimulate hope and to motivate more advancements and research. The cases where phage therapy failed, are often the greatest stimulus to advancing the science. The laboratory proofs documented and repeated several times over a long period of time, demonstrating the complete and long-term elimination of the bacteria, and the many great clinical results do not lie when it comes to the INPT effectiveness.

The Best Treatment Plan

Based upon everything presented in this article, it should be clear that the many structural and functional problems you inherited and acquired in your life (your terrain) should be given just as much attention, if not more so, as the infections. If the “cut” never healed, then you will be constantly fighting ongoing or new infections. Antibiotics will not heal the cut, that is not what they do. If the cut never healed, would you be happy when your doctor gives you a lifetime prescription for band-aids? The ideal doctor would instead strive to determine why your body was not healing the cut and provide the body with the necessary treatments to correct the healing process. These type doctors are few and far between.

The treatment goals of leading health centers around the world, such as the Biologix Center for Optimum Health, is to address and facilitate the restoration of everything that can be found that is less than optimum in its structural or functional integrity. When this integrity is restored then disease by any name falls away, naturally.

Every treatment program at the Biologix Center is designed to do the maximum applied thought, treatments, and therapies to address everything that has gone wrong in a person’s body. A person will be receiving treatments, therapies, and education for 4-5 hours a day, Monday-Friday for the one, two, or three week programs of care. Every system and aspect of the person is being optimized.

After everything that can be done has been done, whatever damaged tissues remain are addressed with the state of the science regenerative medicine, by our staff physician who has many years of experience.

Achieving true health takes skill and it takes time, and it often requires the doctor to think outside the box for his patients. Still, the best treatment plans that humanity can devise still comes with no guarantees, and our failures are why we continue to pursue new ways of doing things. To the wise, the failures are an opportunity to learn, adapt, and improve. There is a reason a person is called a patient. You must have patience as you doctor does everything possible to undo what has gone wrong in your body.

Having read all of this, please do not put all your eggs in one basket, thinking any type of phage therapy, or antibiotic for that matter, is going to cure everything that has gone wrong in your body. These native phages, while wonderful, are just another amazing tool in the huge toolbox of our doctors. If a person just got infected and there is minimal tissue and system damage then we can expect rapid and lasting relief. On the contrary, if there is a lot of damage then even if the infection is gone the symptoms may persist until the damage is corrected. This is where regenerative medicine is the tool of choice, and why we offer that option to some of our tougher cases.

The only guarantee we can offer is that we will strive to do more for you than all the doctors you have seen collectively, applying all the tools necessary to help you regain the quality of life you seek. We can do no more than this. At the Biologix Center, we are a unified team of people who have chosen to pursue significance in our lives through helping others truly heal. We would like to help you.

Please be nice to your doctor and know that we they working very hard every day to advance the science and improve the outcomes for everyone.

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