The question of whether I recommend Flu shots and Swine Flu shots have been so frequently asked of our staff that I thought it would be good to visit the topic and tell you our stance on this issue.

I cannot say it strongly enough!

No microbe can replicate out of control in an optimally healthy body! When you go outside in the winter you can see your breath, like steam coming out of your mouth. This is happening all the time, year round!

So you are breathing in any number of viruses every minute of every day without getting sick!

You are getting “vaccinated” every day by all of the viruses you breathe in and ingest with your food and drinks…without all the formaldehyde and mercury and gene-altering garbage in vaccines. (see the hyperlink below to see what is inside these vaccines)

Is it enough to “boost the immune system”? Not anymore.

The invincibility of the body against viruses has more to do with the overall integrity of every aspect of your body, mind, and spirit than it does with the immune system.

Officially and for the record, I am not a supporter of the Flu vaccinations for anyone! I would recommend that everyone participate in year-round preventive treatments by a doctor trained in American Biological Medicine and Circuit Healing so that the body enjoys optimum health all year long!

Instead of attempting to rehash everything you should know about how crappy the Flu vaccines are I am going to give you a link to Dr. Mercola’s excellent article on the matter: Here

Also, watch the video below.

How to Beat a Virus:

  • If you are going to use herbs like Echinacea to boost your immune system, remember that herbal formulas with synergistic combinations of various herbs work better than taking a single herb. We recommend and sell two different Echinacea-type formulas… Echinacom™ and Echinacom-C™ by Energique, Inc. These are good formulas to take for a week and then take two weeks off so that the body doesn’t adapt around their ability to stimulate the immune system.
  • Our doctor’s primary “Go-to Formula” when any flu-like symptoms first happen is Virogen™, which is incredibly effective at facilitating and boosting the body’s own energetic fields against a broad spectrum of viruses. If Virogen™ does not seem to kick it then adding or switching to.
  • Microbojen™, is possibly the most powerful formula on the planet for providing the energetic information the body needs to repel the broadest number of types of viruses and microbes.
  • One of my absolute favorite ways to restore your body’s control over any Flu is to take an Epsom Salt/Hydrogen Peroxide Soaking bath. This bath is cheap and very restorative and relaxing! Use 5 cups of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate salts) with 64 fluid ounces of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed into a warm bathtub of water. Soak for at least 20 minutes. You can usually get both of these products from the grocery store. You can do this bath two or three times a day if you desire. It is also very good for any aches and pains from any cause.
  • Diffusing into the air of your home and workplace therapeutic-grade essential oils of almost any type is one of the most powerful ways to prevent viral infections from getting started in the first place. As you and your children breathe the wonderful fragrances into the body the oil droplets in the air are drawn into the lungs and sinuses. Many oils have been shown to be stronger than any know anti-viral drug on the planet! Use any oil you have, but I like to diffuse the blends of oils made by Young Living Essential Oil company, called RC, Thieves, Citrus Fresh, and during the holiday season I alternate between Christmas Spirit blend and Peace and Calming. RC has a lot of types of Eucalyptus oils and Thyme which are very good for promoting the health of the upper respiratory tract. Thieves’ legendary blend of oils contains the formula found in the judicial archives in England as the blend of oils that ultimately prevented people from even getting the Bubonic plague! University tests have shown this blend to be highly anti-bacterial, and anti-viral (Call the Biologix Center to purchase one of the best oil diffusers our doctors found up in Vancouver, BC and brought back to the U.S. so that you are not wasting your oils and money!).
  • When the days are gray and cloudy get to a good quality tanning bed and “catch some rays!” UVB light from these beds is perfect for converting your cholesterol into pro-Vitamin D! Don’t stay in the tanning bed long enough to even turn pink. Stop before you start to turn pink. Vitamin D is actually a hormone in your body and should not be taken as a pill since it screws up this conversion from Cholesterol to 7-Dehydrocholesterol, ultimately to “Vitamin” D. Keeping your body’s own pro-Vitamin D high is a very important part of staying well this winter.
  • I cannot tell you how very important it is to live, eat, and breathe the concepts of living in high integrity within the body, mind, and spirit. You and you alone determine your body’s chemistry. Your hormones, neurotransmitters, and immune system, and energetic defenses are shifting to match your heart’s instructions.

Every post here and on my blog post that I have written has been to teach you how to maintain the output of your heart, in spite of any circumstance, and to teach you how to use your Divine light and love to get more of what you, with great enthusiasm DO want.

You DO want to manifest perfect health and joyful interactions at all times!

Be that everywhere, and in every moment, and you will see everyday miracles of all types. Share