More shocking than finding an embedded tick, and even bullseye rash of Lyme disease, is often the realization that the infection uncovered previously unrecognized weaknesses all over the body, and the sheer magnitude of problems the infection triggers.

A common misconception is for one to say “I was healthy before this bug bit me”. It may be so, but simply feeling good does not guarantee that you were healthy when the bug bit you. It is my experience that most people have much unresolved hurt and dirt contributing to their state of health, and ultimate succumbing to Lyme disease and its coinfections. Simply testing sero-positive to having the Lyme bacteria does not mean you will definitely develop clinical Lyme disease.

The fact that so many people do develop clinical Lyme disease is a testament to how dysfunctional our population has become, as more insults to cellular function accumulate from our environment. While bringing down the bacterial overgrowth in clinical Lyme disease is important, the complete annihilation of the bacteria is not what determines restoring the quality of life that is so desperately desired.

Everyone at any given moment is being exposed to, and has innumerable potentially harmful organisms in and on their body. Why aren’t we all sick? Could it be that what we call the human organism has the ability to control every pathological microbe? Experts now agree that is the case, and that we have been overreacting to microbes with antibiotics.

It is very telling to observe the wide diversity of symptoms that can be seen in those suffering from Lyme disease (LD). Lyme disease does not affect any two people in the exact same way. I have seen people with only one bad symptom, and others with over 50 major symptoms, though both groups test highly positive for LD.

There are common symptoms, but there are always many symptoms that fall outside of the norm. Then there are those who test highly positive for LD and yet have no symptoms year after year. At the early stages of my career as a doctor in the mid-1990’s, I wondered why the Borrelia burgdorferi spirochete affected each person in unique ways. It seem about the only commonality was that whatever symptoms each person had, that no doctor could determine what was causing the symptoms and no treatment would budge the symptoms.

From my clinical experience I have come to the conclusion that not only can chronic Lyme Disease bring about new problems to your body, but it is unique in that it also brings out the dirt of your life that got swept under the carpet, and the weak spots to light. A person may have been asymptomatic (having no symptoms) prior to being bitten, they may have always exercised, eaten perfectly, and been on top of the world, however just being asymptomatic is no guarantee of underlying health.

We see this daily when people are diagnosed with cancer, even though they were “perfectly healthy” on every yearly exam…until they were not. We know that by the time cancer can be diagnosed, multiple systems in the body have been malfunctioning for up to 10 asymptomatic years.

From birth to present time your body is constantly being challenged. These health challenges may arise from emotional traumas such as the death of a loved one, sexual and emotional abuse, physical injuries such as auto accidents, chemical challenges from medicines, toxic personal care products, toxin-loaded foods, or environmental pollution, not to mention chemical and pharmaceutical toxins that activate dormant DNA mutations or cause more mutations leading to increased susceptibility to disease and increase variety of symptoms.

The reality is that any underlying immune, endocrine, and other bioregulatory dysfunctions, or unresolved physical, mental, or emotional issues will be manifested physically or psychologically as your body becomes more dysfunctional by the chronic infection of LD. These underlying dysfunctions that are unique to each person, combined with the Borrelia’s ability to suppress the immune system even further, is why LD can create so many diverse symptoms.

Most people can recall a time when they injured their body. We’ll say you injured the back for this example. You may have not ever gone to get it treated, and eventually the pain went away. The body adapted to the problem. The problem is still there, only now the pain and the problem are “put on the back burner” by your brain. This adaptation mechanism of the body occurs on every level, whether the level is of a physical, chemical, or psychological nature. Unfortunately, many times these insults cannot be effectively adapted to and they manifest in an ever worsening cascade of symptoms to get your attention so you can deal with the true cause. Indeed it is the loss of functional integrity and the body’s ability to adapt to challenges in its internal and external environment that leads to disease and death!

Lyme bacteria can be the proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back.” In a dysfunctional body, the Lyme bacteria break down the body’s ability to keep these underlying problems on the “back burner”. These back burner problems are areas of weakened tissues, which may have never manifested as an obvious problem if life had gone on without a major challenge such is Lyme disease.

The fact is that the bacteria of LD and any other invading organism or parasite will always go to the weakest areas of the body first. This phenomenon is seen throughout nature. One example of this is seen in the plant kingdom. Plants that come from a strong genetic heritage and have been nurtured in ideal conditions for generations have an increased natural resistance to bugs and plant illnesses. Weak plants from poor soil and poor genetic heritage are extremely susceptible to infections.

The point of all of this is that you are the sum total of all of the challenges and lifestyle decisions you and your ancestors have made. In chronic Lyme disease, all of this will be brought to the fore-front and all of it will need to be finally addressed by you and your healthcare team.

Everyone has heard the saying, “you are what you eat”. Well, you really are much more than that. You are, more accurately, the sum total of all that you have experienced and been exposed to in life. You integrate all of the good in your life, and hopefully with the proper naturally-oriented health care,  you can resolve all of the bad.

Optimum health is when the body and mind can adapt instantly and correctly, maintaining optimum functional integrity, in spite of any challenge from the internal and external environment. The treatment goals of the Biological Medicine treatment philosophy is to identify every problem of adaptation, and to work with the natural design of the body to facilitate the restoration of its integrity and function using only natural means. From restoring optimum health, dis-ease can fall away.

An interesting fact was revealed in conversations I had with my friend Lida Mattman, Ph.D., a Nobel prize nominee, Lyme disease laboratory researcher, and author of Cell Wall Deficient Forms: Stealth Pathogens, and Joanne Whittaker, M.D. of the Bowen Research Laboratory, both of which were able to culture the Lyme microbes from the blood from many hundreds of cases from around the world. From their research they found that Lyme bacteria or its pleomorphic phases could be found in 100% of cases, even after years of antibiotic cocktails, after years of natural antibacterial protocols, after Rife technologies, and after every form of energy medicine. Everyone tested by these two laboratories were found to still have the Lyme bacteria, even when the person was completely restored to perfect health.

Clinical experience has taught us that it is those people who take a more comprehensive treatment approach that experience the best chance of achieving lasting good health.

It would seem that if you only treat the bugs then stronger bugs will often follow. If you treat to restore the optimum human condition health will follow in spite of the bugs.

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All of our doctors are proudly, Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine, with post-graduate training in Advanced Biological and Bioregulatory Medicine, as well as Anthroposophical Medicine. Our training does not require us to depend upon pharmaceutical drug-induced illusions of health, the suppression of symptoms, nor do we have to unlearn what we have been taught as do conventional medical physicians. What is only natural in our training and profession, to work to restore the optimum structure and function of  every aspect of the body as a way to help the body eliminate disease, only in recent years have mainstream medical doctors begun to accept and learn the concepts of functional medicine and now proclaim it as self-evident and truly science based. 

This article is for educational purposes. Before implementing any supplements/remedies always consult with your healthcare professional. Due to the complexity of the human condition there remains the possibility of symptoms getting worse. Again, discuss the ideas presented here with your health care professional before beginning, and stop, or get support, if your condition worsens. This information is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or mitigate any disease or illness, and has not been evaluated by the FDA. The Biologix Center does not treat named diseases, but seeks to restore the body’s optimum structural and functional integrity so that the body can rapidly heal itself. 

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