Does it seem like your healing is taking FOREVER? You lie in bed and wonder if your treatments are even working. Does your doctor really know what they are doing? You wonder if you should find a new doctor, but the thought of starting over is overwhelming. You just want to get back to normal life that is becoming more and more a distant memory…

Unfortunately I cannot answer all of these questions for each of you. I don’t even have all the answers to everyone’s illness. What I can do is teach you some of the realities of what it takes to heal. Such is this article.

Did you know that if you accidentally cut off the end of your finger anywhere beyond the last knuckle that your body would completely regenerate it perfectly as long as your doctor doesn’t sew the skin closed at the end?

You have a brand new stomach lining every 4 days, new skin every 30 days, a new liver in 6 weeks, even the skeleton is replaced every three months.

Your hair grows half an inch a month, and adult fingernails grow one-tenth of an inch a month.

The regeneration of human nerve cells, is the slowest tissue to naturally heal. This natural regeneration of your body is greatly influenced by your overall health.

Natural repair/regeneration is most obvious that when you get a simple problem like a blister. It will take four weeks for the skin to completely heal to the point that you cannot see where the blister was.

Obviously it will take longer than four weeks if you pick at the scab, if it gets infected, or you are nutritionally depleted in your body.

It is the proverbial “salt in the cut” when disease has injured the tissues of virtually every system in the body. In chronic illness, the damage causes the entire body to be overly sensitive to things, like smells, tastes, EMF pollution, temperature changes, remedies/medicines…

We are in such a “quick-fix” society that it seems many people are very impatient when their illness is taking so long to heal. Very often a person will give their doctor two weeks or even two months to make significant change in their illness. If they don’t feel dramatically better, they will often write the doctor or the system of care off as being no good.

Significant change can often be seen in two weeks of care, however the body is dynamic, constantly changing, which means the carefully selected remedies your are taking must be adjusted periodically.

The person you were yesterday no longer exists. As a matter of fact, the remedies/supplements that previously caused you problems when you took them, may actually be needed and well tolerated after body shifts from treatments.

Especially in the chronic illnesses, the idea that you can just get on a selection of remedies and take them for a year or more and eventually be well, is usually misguided.

At the Biologix Center we find that when the remedies are addressing your issues at the direct cause, then the remedies do what they are going to do rather quickly, and you should change the remedy to address whatever issues are remaining.

If you have been sick for a long time, it is likely that almost every tissue and every system of your body is impaired in its ability to regenerate and heal. Your hair virtually stops growing, your skin gets thinner as it cannot regenerate as fast as its skin cells are flaking off… So this is why every system and every issue must be addressed during every office visit with your doctor.

Do not accept the idea that “If my doctor can just kill all of these bacteria, then I will be well.” You will be well when every system and issue has been restored to optimum health, and that health maintained long enough for your body to be able to replace all the dysfunctional cells with healthy ones.