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Hormone Imbalance

Problems in the World of Thyroid and Adrenal Testing and Treatment

There are so many variations of issues that may be causing problems in the thyroid, hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenals that proper testing must always be don.There are a wide range of symptoms of over or under activity of the thyroid and adrenals.

I’m no psychic, but I can predict your adrenal symptoms!

I am going to show you how most of your symptoms are very predictable and how they are all connected to each other. This is a long post, however if you want to finally get well from whatever diagnosis you have been given you should read all of this post.

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Resetting Your Body’s Thermostat for Increased Mobility, Pain Relief, and Healing

The effects of a low body temperature (under 97.0F or 36.1C) are well documented in the medical physiology textbooks. All efforts should be made to secure the restoration of normal body temperature.

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