Health Thought for the Day: Much of our understanding of how chemical molecules, such as hormones and neurotransmitters, function is now being recognized as a matter of proximity (transmitting their influence and information via light and vibrations through the crystalline matrix of the body) rather than actual physical contact of the hormone in the classic “lock and key” explanation we have used for years.

In fact, research reported by James Oschman, PhD., in his book, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, states that even the frequencies emitted by a person having an allergic reaction can trigger a spontaneous allergic reaction in another allergy-prone person. It is all vibration!

We are radiating and transmitting, as well as receiving all kinds of electromagnetic energies into and from the world around us.

Everything in the universe is simply our perception of vibrations. Light, sound, tastes, the chair you are sitting in, the shirt you are wearing, the apple you ate today, the thought you think — all are just vibrations. Another way of talking about vibrations is to generically call them frequencies.

Let’s carry this a little further so that you can really grasp what a very important role your body, mind, emotions, and spirit play in promoting health or sickness. If you have a glass of deadly poison, it is poisonous to you because its vibration or frequency is so disruptive to the frequencies of your body.

In the same way, your thoughts are also frequencies. Negative, fearful thinking creates absolutely poisonous frequencies! Thoughts of love and joy are to your body like Miracle Grow is to plants and produce nutritious, healing frequencies that resonate through the DNA.

If you want better health, surround yourself with better frequencies. Please call and talk with one of our Patient Care Coordinators.