Dr. Robert A. Ehrnman, D.C.

Doctor | Biologix Center

Dr. Robert A. Ehrnman, D.C., based at the Biologix Center in Franklin, TN, brings a rich mosaic of experience in chiropractic and wellness care, underlined by a genuine commitment to patient well-being. Renowned for his adeptness in managing an array of neuromusculoskeletal conditions, Dr. Ehrnman skillfully blends traditional chiropractic methods with innovative therapies.

His career, characterized by a patient-centric ethos and a commitment to holistic care, has seen him successfully guide patients through comprehensive healthcare programs, notably improving the lives of those with chronic conditions. Dr. Ehrnman’s approach, marked by empathy and a dedication to personalized care, resonates deeply with his patients and underscores his distinguished role in the field of integrative healthcare.

Dr.​ Ehrnmanis trained in Biological Medicine by Dr. David Jernigan and holds advanced certification in Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing, and Dr. Jernigan’s latest innovation, Fractal Frequency Modulation.

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