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Phage Therapy (INPT)
Phage Therapy (INPT)

What Is A Lyme Literate Doctor?

If you have been diagnosed with Lyme disease or post-treatment Lyme disease—be it just recently or some time ago—chances are you’re still wondering what to do next. Diagnosing and treating tick-borne diseases is highly complex, and finding a doctor who not only believes in Lyme disease symptoms but is also is trained and experienced to care for Lyme disease patients, can seem next to impossible.

Lyme Literate doctors are exactly what they sound like: specialists who understand Lyme disease well enough to treat it effectively. They can comprehend the vast range of symptoms that may indicate a Lyme disease infection, as well as recognize the various stages of Lyme disease and its wide-ranging co-infections.

Unfortunately, finding a Lyme literate doctor isn’t always easy. There are several doctors that do not believe in the severity of Lyme disease cases, and even more so who believe that post-treatment-Lyme disease does not exist at all. We recommend asking the following questions to help you narrow down your search and find a doctor that can actually help you!

  • What is your experience treating those with tick-borne illnesses?
  • How do you diagnose Lyme disease? Do you use any specific lab tests to confirm diagnosis?
  • Do you test for co-infections?
  • Do you prescribe antibiotics or herbal remedies?
  • Do you have any patient success stories you can share with me?
  • Do you strictly adhere to CDC test criteria or are you open to alternative methodology?

If you are able, we recommend that you visit our state-of-the-art chronic illness center in Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. Our Nashville treatment facility is unlike any other and since 1995, has helped thousands of chronic Lyme patients regain control over their lives and their bodies. We recognize that “cookie-cutter” treatment protocols—particularly those involving canned pharmaceutical regimens—are completely ineffective when it comes to solving chronic Lyme disease cases, and any chronic illness case for that matter. At our chronic illness center in Nashville, Tennessee, we have found that a highly individualized and comprehensive approach is absolutely critical to finding success in chronic illness.

If you would like to learn more about our treatment of Lyme disease at the Biologix Center, please visit our blog.

If you are ready to schedule treatment with us, please call our Patient Care Coordinator at 615-680-9918 or click here to register for a consultation.

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