Everything you can name in the universe is made up of frequencies.

The frequencies in our world have a beneficial effect or harmful effect on our body. Many will read the following article and fear it, since it is something that sounds futuristic. These same people are putting harmful frequencies into their body all day, while surfing the internet, holding their cell phones, and living in smart homes that are awash in a sea of harmful frequencies.

We should not be scared of all things frequency related, although we all should be very aware of the potentially harmful frequencies, such as would be the case of sticking your head into a microwave oven…not a good idea, or holding your cell phone against your head, something the fine print says not to do on the paperwork that comes with your new smart phone.

However, let’s consider a new way to use frequencies to heal from infections. What if you could use a specific frequency, imprinted into drops of a proprietary aqueous solution that you take by mouth, just using the solution as a carrier for the specific frequencies to stimulate or induce native phages to fight infections? This is exactly what our research has documented. The frequencies we use are imperceptible, being  on the same strength or energy range as the frequencies produced by all the tissues of your body. These frequencies are much weaker than the powerful and harmful frequencies emitted by your cell phone and smart devices. The precise frequencies used in our new discovery have now been documented to help eliminate all of even the worst types of infections, even in a case of recurrent MRSA infection.

This new treatment technology is called Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT).

The INPT treatment is an aqueous solution imprinted with precise, subtle frequencies, there have none of the harmful effects commonly seen with pharmaceutical drugs. There are no toxic side-effects, no allergic reactions, and INPT works incredibly fast since energy moves  freely through the body unhindered by cells and tissues and does not need to be digested.

If given the choice, I believe many people would still choose to take a known potentially harmful pharmaceutical, such as an antibiotic, even though it will definitely cause harmful side effects, over something new and unknown to them. Others would be open to a new option. It is the case of taking something known versus something new.

I say all of this preamble simply to set the stage for this new way of treating. To use frequencies to cause beneficial physiological changes in the body is however not new in the sense that energy and frequencies are everywhere, and they can be used for good and not evil. For instance, we all accept cell phones are based upon good science, however if you introduced them back in the 1300’s you would have been burned at that stake as a witch, since it would be assumed that demon spirits were transmitting your voice over long distances.

There are already many amazing frequency-based technologies by used in the healing arts, such as MRI machines that use magnets to image the tissues, iontophoresis, which uses frequencies to drive topical medications deeper into the body, TENS units that are frequencies that help with eliminating pain. Heroes of mine, such as the Nobel-prize winning Luc Montagnier, Nicola Tesla, Royal Rife, Samuel Hahneman, Robert Becker, Fritz-Albert Popp, and so many others have inspired me to develop a “new” way to use frequencies to the benefit of humanity.

I am not a huge corporation set on world domination, just a doctor who is pursuing significance in life through developing new and better ways to help people heal from treatment-resistant illnesses.

The New Innovation Which May Change the World

Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT) is one of the most exciting discoveries in the health care field, possibly ever. It is the proverbial working with the human body, instead of forcing the body into drug-induced illusions with symptom-suppressing treatments. Imagine being able to use subtle frequencies to cause bacteriophages (phages) that already exist in your body, to rapidly and completely eliminate any infection. According to the laboratory documentation, and the subsequent improvement in the cases, INPT appears to target and eliminate any type of of microbe, rapidly and completely, without harming friendly microbes or the body.

In the same way a person may take a natural supplement to boost the immune system, and therefore cause your immune cells to be more effective at killing microbes, INPT is thought to stimulate phages that already exist inside everyone’s body to seek out and kill all of the targeted host microbe. It turns out that phages are, or at least can be, another “immune system” in your body that was there all the time, from the beginning of all time, yet untapped until now.

This is not treating disease, any more than facilitating the optimum form and function of the body is treating disease, yet when form and function is restored, disease often falls away.

Contrast this with antibiotics, the treatment of choice for many doctors and their patients, which directly treat the disease, the infection, by directly killing the bacteria. Antibiotics rarely kill all of the target bacteria, leaving a percentage now mutated and resistant to treatment. With this type of medicine the form and function of the body are damaged, making it more susceptible to future illness. In reality, antibiotics, even the latest used for Lyme disease, Disulfiram, often leaves one wondering if the treatment is worse than the illness.

Doctoring “Out of the Box”

Our doctors are not interested in treating named diseases, preferring instead to work and specialize in natural ways to restore the structural and functional integrity of the body using the latest advances of science. When true optimum health is achieved, disease by any name can often be corrected, as a result of natural processes being restored in the body. The goal of the Biologix Center and the entire INPT treatment program, is to work with the body, not in spite of the body.

Albert Einstein was one of the greatest thinkers of all time. One of Einstein’s noteworthy quotes was when he stated, “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.” What did he mean by the medicine of frequencies? He meant that we would turn our backs on pharmaceutical medications, embracing the benefits of complex subtle electromagnetic frequencies to heal all aspects of the human body.

Subtle frequencies are what regulate every aspect of the human body. The body is not a container of mostly water, where the nutrients, hormones, and such just bang around until they find their destination. Subtle frequencies make up the software that runs the hardware of the body.

INPT is an eloquent way to format complex frequencies using the same type and strength of electromagnetic energy as is already produced by the human body. INPT is patent-pending, since it represents a new concept of identifying and using specific complex frequencies to control phages. It is not to be confused with homeopathy, Rife, or Radionics, all of which are effective forms of energy medicine.

Frequency medicine is indeed the future of medicine. I think everyone would love to see advancements leading to the development of a real Medical Tricorder, as was used in the 1970’s TV show, Star Trek. In it’s way, INPT is a step in that direction.

The Microbial Soup

Since the beginning of time, microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, mold/fungi, parasites, and more have been battling it out, developing defenses and battle strategies. It turns out that viruses are the most prevalent microbe on the planet and infect every other type of microbe, giving viruses the edge.

Certain types of viruses can and obviously do cause disease in humans, however there are innumerable viruses that only infect microbes, which are called phages. Each phage is named after the type of microbe it infects, so a phage that only infects Borrelia bacteria, the causative agent in Lyme disease, is called a Borrelia-phage. A phage that only infects a Staph bacteria is called a Staph-phage, and phages that infects only H. pylori, or C. Diff. and so on, are named accordingly.

Phages are so prevalent on the planet that if they were the size of ladybugs they would completely cover the earth and be 31,000 miles deep! Every type of microbe on the planet is already being infected by and being used as a host, by its type of phage. Why is this important? Every bacterial or microbial infection you ever caught, came into your body already infected itself by phages! If you want to be even more impressed, there are a trillion-trillion phage/microbe infections taking place every single second!

When a phage infects its host microbe it does so by landing on it and injecting its DNA into the host to hijack the genetic engine of the host, causing it to start manufacturing more phages. Remember phages are viruses, and viruses cannot replicate themselves, they need a host to procreate for them. This farming of their host is called lysogenic activity. I call it farming, because it is like a farmer who keeps his breeding stock and takes the rest to market. In a similar way, the infected host microbes will eventually die in the process of making the phages. So the phages will normally only allow about 40% of their host microbial population to be killed in the process of making more phages. The phages sense when they have killed their limit and secrete chemicals that signal all of the phages to stop their lysogenic activities until their host population has a chance to regenerate their numbers.

This is where INPT comes into the picture. It turns out that all phages and viruses are influenced by the innate frequencies and environmental conditions inside the body, either going dormant or going active. The subtle, yet precise, complex frequencies of INPT have been shown to be able to influence the desired type of phage to target and swarm their specific host, killing every last one of them instead of just farming them. To induce phages to swarm and kill all of the type of microbe we want them to kill, we had to develop a way to cause the specific type of phage to attack the type of microbe we want it to kill. It appears we were quite successful in achieving this goal.

How Do We Know This is Possible?

Phage therapy is not new, having been discovered in 1915. It is most commonly called bacteriophage therapy, however we opt for the name phage therapy, since phages of all types can be used to the betterment of mankind. Bacteriophage therapy typically uses phages which have been isolated from outside the body or genetically engineered in a lab and then introduced into the patient’s body, with stunning and at times not so stunning results. This type of phage treatment has been outlawed in the United States, although universities are still doing important phage research.

Research has documented that phages can indeed swarm, killing all of a person’s infection, even reaching into biofilms that coat bacteria, at times in as little as two days. This is important since as you will read, INPT has consistently created rapid elimination of the targeted infection.

One of the world leaders in phage research is Leicester University in England, whose scientists developed a blood test that reliably identifies phages that only use Borrelia bacteria as their host, Borrelia-phages. It is a brilliant test, since the Borrelia bacteria are very difficult to detect, especially in chronic infections, yet Borrelia-phages are relatively much easier to detect. It is simple, if a person has Borrelia anywhere in their body, they will have Borrelia-phages in their blood. If they do not have any Borrelia in their body then they will have no Borrelia-phages, since the phages need the Borrelia bacteria to replicate more phages, and without them the phages themselves will die in about three to four days.

To document the effect of INPT we did three Borrelia-phage tests on each patient over the course of 75 days. The initial test was done before starting the INPT in order to document that the person did indeed have the Borrelia in their body. The INPT was then started and completed in the first week. A second Borrelia-phage test was done within two weeks of starting the INPT to document the speed of complete elimination of the Borrelia bacteria. The third test was done between 45-60 days after the second test to demonstrate long-term elimination, allowing time for 3-4 cycles of regeneration of any residual Borrelia to occur if there were any left in the body after completing the INPT.

The Results

We performed over 60  qPCR Borrelia-phage lab tests, a test that will detect multiple strains of Borrelia spirochetes. Of the people who tested positive for one of three different Borrelia strains on their initial test, 90% tested as negative on their second test, showing no Borrelia-phages and therefore no Borrelia bacteria or Borrelia-persistor cells were left in their body. Of those patients who have received their third test, 100% of them were still negative, showing long-term elimination of their infection.

Symptom Improvements

Beyond lab test results are the subjective improvements experienced by the person that are the point of all healing endeavors. All of the participants reported corresponding improvements in their symptoms, although due to the damage caused by years of infection and at times due to their previous aggressive allopathic treatments, none experienced complete elimination of their symptoms. It is clear that the presence of bacteria is not the cause of the symptoms, but instead it is likely the damage caused in the systems and tissues of the body from the bacteria. Some patients experienced dramatic improvements, such as regaining the ability to walk after years in the wheelchair and the disappearance of stubborn symptoms. Video testimonies can be viewed here.


Induced Native Phage Therapy (INPT) appears to be a new way to fight any type of bacterial infection using targeted phages that already exist in the patient’s body. In this study, the elimination of the bacteria took less than two weeks. Contrast that with months or years of antibiotics.

Now that the rapid elimination of an infection appears to be possible, an important lesson has been realized with this new discovery of INPT. Illnesses, such as Lyme disease must be viewed much like termites in your home. If you catch them early before the termites cause any significant damage, then killing the termites will allow you to continue living in your home without a care. However if the termites have already caused significant damage to the wood of your house, you will have to do more than just kill the termites. You will need to spend a lot of time and money repairing the damaged wood, before you can relax without worrying that your house may come tumbling down with the next storm. If a person has a sore on their skin from an infection it makes sense that even though the infection is killed, the sore will take days to weeks to heal, so it is with every tissue and system in the body.

To quote Einstein once more, “I have deep faith that the principle of the universe will be beautiful and simple.” I am glad to have discovered a principle of the universe of the body that is indeed beautiful, simple and effective!

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