You Will Never Want Another Pharmaceutical After Reading This!

The subconscious brain recognizes and responds, without our assistance, to any perceived threat against us. Any attack by viruses, bacteria, or any other microbe, not to mention toxins and stressful life situations, activates the biophotonic software in your brain to increase the body’s ability to respond instantly and correctly to the situation.

Mainstream medicine is focused primarily on the mechanistic, reductionist, piece and parts mentality of illness. Of course, the biochemistry of the body is altered in illness, however even deeper than biochemistry is the body’s biophotonic software that controls the biochemistry.

Pushing the biochemistry around with pharmaceuticals or even natural substances can shift and improve symptoms, they are not usually going to correct the bioregulation of the body, the biophotonic software that is responsible for regulating everything. 

In defense of relief with medications, I am not trying to make you feel bad if you are having to take a drug to function. I am presenting referenced research that supports the superiority of newer treatment and diagnostic tools that are emerging technologies that far surpass drugs. Millions of people are house-bound or bed-bound even with the medications. It is about time something better is presented, even though it will eventually kill the golden goose that is the pharmaceutical industry!

When we look back at this point in history we will lament that most doctors thought it was best to create drug-induced illusions of health.

If the body, mind, and spirit are all interconnected and all interdependent, which they are, then creating a drug-induced illusion of health in the body with a pharmaceutical or natural substance will mask the illness in the body. Underneath the medication the body is still sick, manifested by your inability to stop the medication without the symptoms coming back. If the body is still sick, then the mind, and the spirit are also reflecting the dysfunction. Conversely, enable the body to restore optimum health and function in the body, and the mind, and spirit will also be able, with work, to be optimized.

There is an ever increasing number of alterations to our programming from physical, chemical, mental, emotional, environmental interference, insults and traumas. Relax, there is real progress in diagnosing and treating the body’s software. Read on!

Generational Glitches 
We often like to think we are all born essentially healthy, with good software. The reality is that not only do we inherit our ancestors genetic predispositions, but we also inherit much of their software programming glitches.

More children than ever are being born with hypersensitivities to their world, be it food allergies, skin allergies, asthma, and emotional instabilities and hypersensitivities, just to name a few. The organization, Physicians for Safe Technology, is concerned that smart watches, cellphones, laptops, wifi signals all pose a serious potential risk of altering our health.

If you go to a children’s nursery, you can see that we are pre-programmed at conception. The bully is already bullying the other kids. The victim is having their blocks taken away. The orderly child is lining up their Hot Wheels in neat rows. The reclusive child is already off by themselves. The shy child is already acting shy. Now add to these challenges the scrambling or potentially purposeful altering of our bioregulation by the subtle frequencies of 4G and the new 5G wifi signals which is said to be inescapable and will blanket the globe.

Society and our school systems strive to force everyone into a conformity that often is next to impossible because of these pre-programmed software issues.

People often create “workarounds” in their programming to overcome their less than desirable traits. Workarounds are often self-help type corrections. People self-medicate with alcohol, or turn to antidepressants or stimulants to overcome or work around their tendencies. Like it sounds, a work-around doesn’t change the the body’s software program.

We have all heard the phrase, “She sees the world through rose colored glasses.” The reality is we all interact with the world through the lenses of our software. Whether we get sick or can heal from illness is determined largely by our biophotonic body’s software. If it were not so, then everyone who takes a medication should get the same predictable results. Think about it.

Why do some people get well quickly and others don’t? Of course one could say the one who didn’t get well had a weaker immune system, or their gut was messed up, or, or, or. However more fundamental than all of that is the deepest level of a person, their biophotonic software.

The brain is recognized as the primary computer of the body, followed by the heart. The heart is a computer also? Yes, 65% of the neurons in the heart are identical to brain neurons and research shows that the heart and the brain form the “dual processors” that control everything that goes on in your body, mind, and spirit.

When using your smartphone and laptop computer, you can only use the programs which you have downloaded.  In other words, you are limited in what you can do by the software programs you have in your device. In the same way, everything in your body is controlled by the software in your brain and heart.  Nothing in the body happens without the correct signaling from the software program of the brain.

When one understands that subtle frequencies regulate the expression of DNA via the millions of epigenetic switches which flip on or off dynamically with every challenge in your internal and external environment, you would never strap on a smart watch, put your laptop on your lap, or sleep with WiFi in the room.

Correcting the Bio-software at the Biologix Center

At the Biologix Center, based upon the amazing results we have seen in previously allopathically, non-responsive patients, we believe we can facilitate the correction of much of your body’s software glitches through our innovative testing and treatments, such as Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing, NeuroCardial Synchronization, and NeuroPhotonic Therapy, to name a few. Proof at this point is just in clinical outcomes, since at this point there is no technology that can demonstrate medically-accepted, before and after electromagnetic bio-regulation changes.

To continue the computer metaphors, we all know what happens when we drop our computer, get water inside it, or have other physical damage to it like an electrical power surge. All of these issues cause physical damage to the computer. We all know about computer viruses and corrupted software that screw up the functioning of your computer. Both the physical and the software issues need to be addressed before your computer will work correctly. So it is with the human body.

Mainstream medicine is 100% concerned with the physical aspects of the body. If they cannot see it in the blood, or visualize it on special tests, such as MRI’s, it largely doesn’t exist, leading them to often say, “You have a conversion disorder,” or “You need psychiatric help!” To mainstream medicine, everything can be, or should be explained in purely structural or chemical terms. To be fair, they also acknowledge the electro-chemical nerve conduction, but that too is very mechanistic in their viewpoint.

My point is that nothing in mainstream medicine’s lab work, imaging, or medications, tests for or addresses problems in the software of the body. Their primary focus is to react to symptoms as though the symptoms themselves were the cause. If someone has pain, give a chemical pain reliever, for depression, a chemical antidepressant, for hypothyroidism, give thyroid hormones, in the case of low cortisol, give them cortisol. All of this is fine if the physical tissues have been damaged beyond all repair, but no one in the mainstream seems to be concerned with looking for what is behind the symptom. The medical system is not set up for more than reacting to the symptom with drugs.

As I said earlier, symptoms are either caused by physical problems (structural and chemical issues) or energetic problems. (energetic bioregulation, emotion, mental, electromagnetic, etc.) Unless your doctor can access the bioenergetic “computer” system of your body and input corrections at that level AND correctly address the physical aspects of the body that have gone wrong, then the best you can hope for is the drug-induced illusion of health through the “controlling” or suppression of your symptoms. If you must take any supplement or pharmaceutical every day in order to feel good, then it is not getting to the core issues, which may live in your body’s bioenergetic system.

Causes of Glitches in Your Bio-software

Acute or prolonged injury or trauma to the body, mind, or spirit, always causes changes in our software, in the epigenetic switches and brainwaves. The downstream symptoms reflect these alterations of our body’s software. Your low thyroid output is often caused by stuck frequencies in your brain. The over or under-production of cortisol (your body’s stress hormone) is largely due to stuck frequencies in the software. Your lack of engagement in life, low sex drive, low motivation, low energy, poor sleep, unexplained pain, muscle tightness, mood swings, cancer, autoimmune issues, and every other unexplained malady plaguing mankind is often being caused by a lifetime of computer software glitches in your brain!

Everything your body experiences has the ability to modify your software. The bacterial infection you successfully fought in the physical realm left its mark on your software. The chemical toxin you were exposed to at work altered your software. The fender-bender you thought just caused minor pain left its impact on your software. Holding your microwave-emitting cellphone to your head altered your programming. The medication or vaccine you took altered the program. The recreational drugs you experimented with altered your software. All of the emotional traumas you have experienced have altered your software. The head injury from sports or accidents altered your programming. The mold toxins from the moldy house you lived in altered your body’s software.

I hope you can see that there is so much more that needs to be addressed than the physical and chemical issues. Often the body cannot heal the physical and chemical problems because they are being created by the software glitches.

The Goal of Every Treatment

The ideal goal of treatment should be to provide the body with the natural means to heal itself through providing the optimal nutrients, structural corrections, and the energetic corrections it needs to restore its software to its optimal levels of function. (Some of the new technologies addressing the “how to” correct the software is linked in articles at the bottom of this article.)

True healing cannot occur by simply masking the symptoms or by doing for the body what the body should be doing for itself. True healing never seeks to mask the symptoms, because that would defeat the point of truly healing.

I hope I have piqued your curiosity to know more about how to shift the body’s software.  I also hope I have given you a bit of clarity as to why you are sick in spite of all the “right treatments.” The latest technologies in healthcare can indeed help give you better software than you had when you were born. The rest of healing and how you interact with the world is up to you to modify. Living in ways that are conducive to health, including exercising, eating clean, live, organic, unprocessed foods, learning healthier ways of thinking and interacting with others, and enriching your spiritual life all play big roles in attaining the optimum health and quality of life you seek.

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