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Unlike many other parts of the body that may experience pain when inflamed, inflammation of the brain shows up as brain fog. Experienced as disruption to normal thinking patterns, brain fog is strongly associated with chronic illnesses and can severely impact quality of life.

Poor brain nutrition, stress, blood sugar imbalances, and inflammation resulting from a host of causal factors are generally to blame for brain fog.

Biological Medicine (BioMed) helps patients address this condition by targeting the underlying factors that lead to inflammation in the brain. With the support of BioMed therapies in tandem with health-supporting lifestyle habits, BioMed providers are helping patients restore mental clarity and regain control over this vital organ.

Join us for BioBites on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022 when Dr. Todd Farney, DC of the Biologix Center for Optimum Health will discuss:

  • The root causes of brain fog
  • Factors that affect cognition and overall brain health
  • Steps you can take to improve brain health and reduce brain fog