Our Story

Leading the Way in the Most Technologically Advanced Natural Healthcare

Since 1995, Biologix Center for Optimum Health, P.A. has been leading the way in the most technologically advanced natural healthcare. Biologix Center, located in Wichita, Kansas, has been internationally recognized as a respected leader in the treatment of those suffering from chronic illness. Our doctors enjoy a high degree of success in treating people who have a wide range of symptoms, as well as those who want to maintain health. Our goal is to restore balance in the body as a whole by focusing on all issues in the body for complete healing.

Once you understand the philosophy and techniques implemented at Biologix Center, then you begin to realize that virtually any condition can be helped. – Dr. David A. Jernigan

Once you understand the philosophy and techniques implemented at Biologix Center, then you begin to realize that virtually any condition can be helped. Essentially every treatment, therapy, and remedy selection is working to support the wisdom of your body, without sacrificing or injuring another part of the body. They all work in combination to facilitate the restoration of the optimum integrity and function of every aspect of the body. From this stance it is easy to see that as optimum health is restored, symptoms fall away.

Virtually Any Condition Can Be Helped

All illness is simply the manifestation of multiple interferences within the body, mind, and spirit. American Biological Medicine uses state of the art adjunctive diagnostic techniques such as the Computerized Regulation Thermography, the concepts of Circuit Healing, BioResonance Scanning, and conventional testing.

Over 10,000 and Counting

The doctors at Biologix Center have treated over ten thousand people. Virtually all of these people came having exhausted all the conventional and often alternative medicine treatments, with what was essentially incurable, or at least non-responsive illness. Many people contact us wanting to know if we have had success with innumerable named illnesses. Your particular illness is approached from the same unique treatment philosophy as any other illness, with the treatment philosophy of American Biological Medicine.

Treatment Philosophy

Specializing in Acute and Chronic Illness

We are doctors of chiropractic specializing in acute and chronic illness from the treatment philosophy of American Biological Medicine. (ABM) American Biological Medicine has historically been one of the most effective, results-based, healing philosophies. ABM is a profoundly eloquent and scientifically sound philosophy of healing. As a philosophy, American Biological Medicine does not treat specific diseases, though our doctors are classically trained in all of the pathologies that plague mankind.

Every clinic says they are integrative and complementary medicine, we are not. We do not mix allopathic (conventional symptom treatments) with our treating philosophy. We practice a pure philosophy of do no harm and restore health.

There is not a more elegant manifestation and delivery of the peak of science represented in the healing arts than the philosophies of American Biological Medicine, as practiced at the Biologix Center for Optimum Health.

The medical dictionary says that the word cure is the restoration of health. At the Biologix Center we strive to restore health, not create a remission, which actually is just the time that a drug or treatment suppresses your symptoms. – Dr. David A. Jernigan

Why Do People with Chronic Illness Choose Our Doctors Instead of Conventional Medical Doctors?

When considering a doctor you must first ask yourself what type of medicine do you want to be treated with? After watching commercials for pharmaceutical drugs on television, one can quickly come to the conclusion that this type of medicine comes with many unwanted side-effects, and from a general treatment philosophy only serves to mask the symptoms. This form of medicine promotes the idea that no illness can be truly fixed. When we look back at this point in history we will lament that the majority of doctors thought it was best to create drug-induced illusions of health.

Our doctors believe the goal of treatment should always be to restore the entire body to its most optimum functional integrity, and as a result, disease, as well as symptoms, fall away for good. To achieve this state, we never use toxic medications, but instead use the highest levels of health sciences to work with your body’s own efforts to correct the underlying issues, whatever the cause.