If you have been diagnosed with a chronic infection of any type or a undiagnosed chronic illness, and nothing is helping, we likely want your case for a Quality of Life study to see if our system of natural health care can help you. The Biologix Center for Optimum Health, in Franklin, Tennessee has been a leader in the natural treatment philosophies of Biological and Bio-regulatory medicine for almost 30 years.

In December of 2021, our first study’s results were published, documenting that an astonishing 92% of the patients in the study were no longer infected with the bacteria that cause Lyme disease and those that cause Relapsing Fever, using an innovation that was developed by Dr. David A. Jernigan in 2019. This innovation, a native phage therapy, is completely non-toxic, and completely non-allergenic, and non-pharmaceutical, so it is well tolerated by even the most sensitive people. We are looking to continue documenting how well our systems and treatments work on a wide range of illnesses. We are now doing this ongoing work with any illness or infection that is accepted as a good fit into our programs of care.

We Want Your Case

We have received a research grant from a not-for-profit Foundation, which will pay $2000 towards your pre- and post-treatment lab tests in our 2-3-week*, all-inclusive program of care. The two tests needed for our research are Comprehensive Organic Acids Testing and Comprehensive Stool Testing. The 2-week program is our most commonly needed by people in the U.S. The 3-week program is most often for people coming from distant countries. This is a patient-funded treatment program, click here to learn more about the all-inclusive programs. These programs are all-inclusive so that we can do anything and everything we can think of to treat you, without having to worry about a skyrocketing bill at the end, since insurance will not pay for research programs. You can call our Patient Care staff to get further details at 615-398-6196.

The programs are like a relaxed daily med-spa experience Monday-Friday for two-weeks. Most of the therapies are done either reclining or in comfortable zero-gravity reclining chairs. As you will see in the following list of treatments and therapies, the program is designed to finally figure out everything that we can find that is less than optimal in the structure and functioning of your body and gently provide your body with the treatments and therapies it needs to get back to the quality of life you seek. Our doctors and staff will be working with you for several hours a day. Each day has different tests, treatments, and therapies as determined by your treating doctor.

Our Difference

We set up this extremely comprehensive program of care because illnesses today are more complex to correct and rarely can it be reduced down to just one cause or even a handful of causes. Every organ, gland, tissue, and system of your body needs to be addressed. For almost 30 years the doctors and staff of Biologix Center and it’s founder, Dr. David A. Jernigan, have specialized in only treating people who are chronically ill and whom no pharmaceutical or natural treatments have worked.

This is why our clinic is set up on 1-3-week programs of daily care, instead of being like other clinics that only see you for one visit and then don’t want to see you for weeks to months. Other clinics are putting all of their eggs into one basket of medications or remedies and hoping it will work. We have our all-inclusive programs of care, so that we can do all we know to do and watch how your body shifts in response to the treatments each day. Many of you have experienced a worsening of your symptoms after you started a new remedy, but you didn’t know if it was the remedy working or if you are allergic or having a herx, and you would call the doctor who just said, “Keep taking it, we will see how you are doing at your next appointment in 3 months” The benefit of being seen daily in our programs of care is that our doctors and staff are monitoring your body’s responses to the treatments on each office visit during your 1-3 week program, in order for you to have maximum chance of gaining significant improvement. Follow up visits may be needed, however our team will be available to continue remote consultations and give you an ongoing treatment program to do at home.

Treatments and Therapies You May Receive (All treatments, therapies, and testing is at the discretion of the treating doctor and tailored to your situation):

It is our hope that you will allow us to help you, while we document how much improvement we can achieve in your body

using our philosophy of care and with our innovative treatments!

*If you cancel your 2 or 3 week program of care after having submitted your first round of lab test, you will be billed and responsible to pay for the two tests if they have already been processed at the lab.

**This offer cannot be combined with our other Foundation scholarships, but if you have received a grant through another organization you may apply it in addition to our scholarship.