Dr. Schumacher

Doctor | Biologix Center

Dr. Clayton Schumacher brings a unique perspective from his diverse educational background to his patient care. He earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and Masters in Acupuncture from National University of Health Sciences, as well as obtaining a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Methodist College of Nursing. Dr. Schumacher’s personal connection to those with chronic illness provides a compassionate and thorough approach to each patient. Dr. Schumacher thoroughly explores the wide- ranging components of each patient, with a deep understanding of how their conditions impact all aspects of their life. With this understanding and collaboration with patients, he optimizes treatments for each person to reach towards their desired goals. Dr. Schumacher is trained in Biological Medicine by Dr. David Jernigan and holds advanced certification in Biospectral Emission Sequence Testing, and Dr. Jernigan’s latest innovation, Fractal Frequency Modulation.

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